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Post Baby Body

I know that most women do not post
their post baby bodies, but I will. Yes, I have stretchmarks and yes, my linea nigra still present (dark line down your belly you can get while pregnant), but I want to tell you, working out pre baby, and eating well, and breast feeding post baby really works. 215 more words


my muffin top is all that

I hope you now have that song from 30 Rock stuck in your head. I know I sure do.

After a tweet about my new favorite pants got a lot of responses on Twitter, I knew I needed to write this post. 588 more words


Yoncé Flaunts Her Sexy Curves, As She Plays With Blue By The Beach (PHOTOS)

Bad b*tch central!

As usual, Baddie Bey took over our Instagram feeds this weekend after posting a few super sexy photos. The sexiest of them all, seen above, features Yoncé in all of her curvaceous glory as she shows off her tight (and right) post-baby body. 380 more words


Mothers bare bellies in support of Alberta woman shamed for stretch marks

Watch above: Edmonton and people from around the world have been following the story of an Alberta mother who was mocked for baring her belly in a bikini. 616 more words


Battle Scars

I recently read an article about a women who was tormented at the beach by strangers for revealing her belly at the beach. She has had 5 children, and as a result has stretch marks, and loose skin. 555 more words


Seven Post-Baby Body Secrets I Learned

I stepped on the scale and was ecstatic when I realized I was nearing my pre-pregger weight. It’d been nine months of slowly dwindling weight and now my goal was in reach. 740 more words

After Pregnancy

making memories ... cellulite and all

Before I actually had Reese, if you asked me if I had any concerns about weight loss post partum, I would have said no. I thought that with breast feeding and exercising the weight would drip off and I would be back to my pre-baby body within two months, tops. 694 more words