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Possibly Marathon Training

I say possibly because I am still not 100% committed to the idea of running that far…I always thought marathoners were a little bit crazy and could never see myself ever doing one! 380 more words


The Gallon Baggie Method - my new & improved Food prep!

Since I decided 2 years ago that eating high protein – low carb was the best for me – I have been prepping my food ahead of time and storing it in a million Tupperware containers. 320 more words


Why Not Me?

This is me paying it forward. I want to show you it’s possible. It’s possible to get your body back and it’s possible to get it back before your kid graduates from high school. 404 more words

Clean Eating

Post- Babies Body

Ugh.. I hate to write a body post. I am a bit of a feminist or maybe an equalist. I despise that we, as a society, favour extremely thin bodies. 444 more words


Post-Baby Body Thoughts

For so long,  I’ve yammered on and mulled over my own body image, food, and exercise woes. I have become someone who has identified with the struggle. 741 more words


Fat Frances gets her Revenge

I was warned I would look and feel like my body was rear-ended by a Mac truck after giving birth.
Lucky for me, only the latter is true. 160 more words


No, You won't look or feel the same after a baby

Something for EVERY mom to remember, myself included! I find myself wanting to get my body back and missing my pre-pregnancy body. I am learning to really love the body I have now though. 338 more words