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Seven Post-Baby Body Secrets I Learned

I stepped on the scale and was ecstatic when I realized I was nearing my pre-pregger weight. It’d been nine months of slowly dwindling weight and now my goal was in reach. 740 more words

After Pregnancy

making memories ... cellulite and all

Before I actually had Reese, if you asked me if I had any concerns about weight loss post partum, I would have said no. I thought that with breast feeding and exercising the weight would drip off and I would be back to my pre-baby body within two months, tops. 694 more words


Possibly Marathon Training

I say possibly because I am still not 100% committed to the idea of running that far…I always thought marathoners were a little bit crazy and could never see myself ever doing one! 380 more words


The Gallon Baggie Method - my new & improved Food prep!

Since I decided 2 years ago that eating high protein – low carb was the best for me – I have been prepping my food ahead of time and storing it in a million Tupperware containers. 320 more words


Time to Wean...Sweet Potato day

My baby turned 6 months today. I still can’t believe how much joy she brings into our lives. She’s great fun, even on those teething days! 223 more words

Lucy Miller

Why Not Me?

This is me paying it forward. I want to show you it’s possible. It’s possible to get your body back and it’s possible to get it back before your kid graduates from high school. 404 more words

Clean Eating

Post- Babies Body

Ugh.. I hate to write a body post. I am a bit of a feminist or maybe an equalist. I despise that we, as a society, favour extremely thin bodies. 444 more words