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How stories change in subsequent retellings

Right after we broke-up, friends and acquaintances kept asking what happened or why we broke up. “It was really nice,” I would reply. “The only reason was that neither of us wanted a long-distance thing.” I sincerely believed it to be the truth. 229 more words


Missed opportunities

One of the first and most prominent post-breakup feelings I know, is the regret about all the things you wanted to do together, but never got around to. 239 more words


The aftermath: To forgive, to forget.

Forgive and forget. Easier said than done. These past few months have been a rough ride, alot of things happened that I didn’t expect. If you asked me 8 months ago if I  could have seen… 1,251 more words

Michael Trespicio

Doing Better

This Monday will be two weeks since things came to an end with my ex and I’m doing better. I texted him this past Monday because I need to say somethings. 184 more words

Post Breakup

Lets be real

Getting over an ex can be challenging especially when you didn’t see it coming. The whole thing is a mess. You begin to question what you did wrong or what is wrong with you, you think was I not pretty enough, funny enough or did I just suck in general. 124 more words

Post Breakup


I recently ended a relationship that I have been involved in for a year now. We have been on and off for the year that we have known each other but we always seemed to find our way back to each other. 328 more words

Post Breakup

Harry Potter and the Borrowed Possessions

After a breakup, there comes a point where you have to give back borrowed belongings. At the point of my breakup with N****, most things were in possession of their rightful owner. 241 more words