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Day 28: Slow

12:00 PM

I’m burning the candle at both ends again, and I need to take a step back. I feel like I have lost sight of a few things during this whole transition, something pointed out to me by my parents and my roommate this weekend. 300 more words

Day 21: Déjà vu

1:00 PM

I return to the apartment this weekend to pack up and move the rest of my belongings. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly two months since I left. 239 more words

You were what I made you.

Your scars are evident to me.

And I want nothing more than to cradle them between my fingers and ease away the pain.

Or color in the blanks your chest carries so deeply, and fill them with the trail of stardust I leave behind. 229 more words

Day 14: Saddle

10:00 AM

I had a lovely birthday, low key and not too celebratory. The trip to Ikea was successful and I am starting to look forward to having a room of my own soon. 322 more words

Day 9: Neutral

2:30 PM

My birthday is in two days, and I am struck by how un-celebratory I feel. My almost-33 year old body feels like the past few months are finally catching up. 279 more words

Day 7: Divide

12:00 PM

Things are proceeding in a very logical orderly manner regarding the official move out. Spreadsheets have been created, ownership claimed and finances separated. I have never been married, but I have to imagine what is occurring now approximates divorce. 382 more words

Day 5: Bone

11:00 PM

Infuriating doesn’t even begin to describe the email I received from my ex this evening. We are in the process of dividing our belongings as I prepare to move fully out of the apartment in a few weeks. 351 more words