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Day 9: Neutral

2:30 PM

My birthday is in two days, and I am struck by how un-celebratory I feel. My almost-33 year old body feels like the past few months are finally catching up. 279 more words

Day 7: Divide

12:00 PM

Things are proceeding in a very logical orderly manner regarding the official move out. Spreadsheets have been created, ownership claimed and finances separated. I have never been married, but I have to imagine what is occurring now approximates divorce. 382 more words

Day 5: Bone

11:00 PM

Infuriating doesn’t even begin to describe the email I received from my ex this evening. We are in the process of dividing our belongings as I prepare to move fully out of the apartment in a few weeks. 351 more words

It's been one month.

We broke up exactly a month ago. Last night every dream I had he was in. But I think that it’s my way of letting him go. 348 more words

Living with the ex

isn’t easy.

I’m out, having drinks with friends and it’s getting late.  My phone buzzes, the ex asks if it’s cool for her date to crash on the couch as she’s missed the last train.   477 more words