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Today I heard from a mutual work friend that my ex has been texting another former co-worker. He has apparently been texting her that he is “devastated” by the breakup and “heartbroken”. 105 more words

Because you're worth it


But what is “it” exactly?

“It” can be

Waiting for

Being loved

More than your body

Beyond what others may see…

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so i broke our 2 and a half year relationship.

i am hurt, there’s a hollow feeling in my chest, i cry to release natural painkillers. i have told him that i cannot love him anymore, and it hurts me right now. 395 more words

Despicable Me

Post-Breakups suck.

I’ve been thinking a lot about breakups recently, mostly because a close friend of mine is thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend of a year.   1,164 more words

Day 39: Rescue

11:00 AM

Just back from the morning run/walk with the pup. I am tiring the poor thing out, but it feels good to be back into a regular workout routine. 306 more words


Lovetalk: I wonder...

I am currently dating a guy who once broke up with me due to our disagreements and differences. As awfully weak-hearted as I sound, it was partially my fault the breakup happened, and we were both immature back then. 273 more words


Day 28: Slow

12:00 PM

I’m burning the candle at both ends again, and I need to take a step back. I feel like I have lost sight of a few things during this whole transition, something pointed out to me by my parents and my roommate this weekend. 300 more words