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The Silver Lining

I know I’ve been talking about my break-up a lot.  And I know how obnoxious it probably is, but this is the last of the break-up posts, and it’s really not at all about the break-up, but more about my revelations. 898 more words


Friends Without Benefits

Can you really be friends after you break up?

That question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately.  When I broke it off, I… 516 more words


The End.

Sometimes I would sit there and think, “What’s wrong with you Les?” It seems to me that you fell for a persona he put on for you. 693 more words



Excuse my French readers but this particular event made me angry.

This male told me that I have no idea what love is because my ex broke up with me and now I’m single. 285 more words


My Name Is Judith, and I am a bit unable at life.


My name is Judith Allen. It’s a bit embarrassing to be writing all this down. I know some people are going to  call me attention seeking, but I don’t really want attention, not to this side of me anyway. 947 more words


lyrically inspired.

Everyone hears a song and feels something inside of them stir. Whether it’s a sweet memory, a simple moment or a time in their life when they were going through the best or worst of their life. 2,375 more words


Hello my lovely readers!

I’ve missed you all terribly.

School and some very attractive company has been keeping me very occupied….

Speaking of very attractive company… 570 more words