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Harry Potter and the Borrowed Possessions

After a breakup, there comes a point where you have to give back borrowed belongings. At the point of my breakup with N, most things were in possession of their rightful owner. 241 more words


Beatles 1970 & 1971 albums

For years I’ve kept going back to the idea of piecing together a Beatles album (or two) that could hypothetically have been assembled post breakuphadtheynotbrokenup. Some of the key things: Plausibility and listenability. 415 more words

General Music

Scary Comparisons Between the "two".

I have dated 9 guys in my life but only two have managed to break my heart. From here on out the be referred to as Dumb and Dumber. 326 more words


I'm healing slowly

“And I know it’s tiring and endless repeating.
Hearing the same combination of different words to say the same thing.
When will I learn how to stop?
 43 more words


My heart is confused on what's right and what's wrong

Maybe I shouldn’t let my heart take over my head. I know what’s wrong from right. But why do I still go with the wrong? I know you are like an animal. 134 more words


The 3 RT's of Breakups

Real Talk, Real Tears & Retweet

The post-breakup identity crisis is not pretty – emotionally, mentally or physically for that matter. Although it may take weeks, or hey even months, until you can confidently say you have moved on, it will happen and shortly thereafter you will experience an enlightenment period in which you realize that… 323 more words



Today I heard from a mutual work friend that my ex has been texting another former co-worker. He has apparently been texting her that he is “devastated” by the breakup and “heartbroken”. 105 more words