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The Daily Retro: Lucky

This is an interesting piece of art– it’s a Mutoscope card from the 1930’s, featuring a bathing beauty with ‘lucky’ symbols on her suit.

You might notice a reversed swastika as one of the emblems– this was a very common ‘lucky’ symbol before World War II, and some Eastern religions still use it today. ( i.e., in Tibet)

Kartu Pos: Peta Indonesia

map card

Kartu pos bergambar peta Indonesia berwarna cokelat ini saya dapatkan dari Tiara. Kartu pos ini dia desain sendiri loh. Keren ya kartu posnya. Serasa memegang peta tua. 47 more words

Kartu Pos

Vintage Humor: Gag Christmas Card

What’s a mattah —-
………   you never heard of Christmas in July ?