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Hit & Run 4

Inevitably Joe’s determined curiosity widened to include the rest of the world. As his medical condition worsened, his parents curtailed family outings without saying a word or ever referring to the involuntary confined nature of the shorter vacations. 391 more words

The Meaning of a Letter

(Stay tuned til the end… I have a question to pose!)

When was the last time you got a letter? Not a bill or advertisement or obligatory birthday/Christmas card, but a real, handwritten letter, sent with no particular holiday or duty in mind? 726 more words


Day Eighty-Six: Life Must Be So Much Easier With Money

Alas! Salvation! My thoughtful, wonderful father surprised me a few weeks ago by offering to book me a cute b&b here in the city. I swear to god… I want to live in this exact house if I ever get rich! 250 more words


Day Eighty-Five: God, I Love Bookstores

Normal tourists take pictures of sights and maybe some good views… I take pictures of book stores like a fan girl at a Harry Potter premier. 232 more words


Postcard from Annchirisu!

This postcard isn’t from a penpal! Actually, it’s a response to some fanmail I sent out. ♥_♥ I was so happy to see it in my mailbox! 18 more words


postcards and art prints

A few of my favorite photos, which have been previously posted here, have been made into post cards or 4×6 inch art prints. They have been printed in full color on high quality card stock. 198 more words