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The Crazy Bitch

I’ve been acting like The Crazy Bxtch (TCB) these past few days. It all started this past weekend when I finally went out clubbing with the guy I’m interested in. 1,138 more words


Why Are We So Afraid Of Success?

Success is a scary word.

I want to analyze it and come to some ground-breaking, in depth discovery, but frankly, I’m not sure why it’s so terrifying. 723 more words

Thoughts on being called "Beautiful"

While it is more fun to write about going cool places and trying new things, sometimes everyday occurrences need to be shared too.

I graduated college two years ago, and have since been working as a barista. 1,196 more words


a meh sort of life or how my brain hates me

“I think I am having a quarter life crisis.”

I’ve said that to several people. A little optimistic considering that if I am having a quarter life crisis, I am imagining that I am going to live until a hundred and that isn’t realistic. 1,091 more words


The Expense of the "Lasts"

As a final semester college senior, I find myself stuck in a financial gray area somewhere between living out my last hurrah and preparing for post-grad life. 189 more words


Adult life: Post Grad

In the past two years I have moved BACK (cringe) to Pennsylvania from Atlanta, Georgia (where all things are wonderful); I graduated from a private college; I started a new job in the RX field; I moved into my own house; and I have essentially become a ninety year old woman. 961 more words

Hey There, HIRE ME.

After hours of filling out online applications, and writing more cover letters than college essays, you’ve finally nailed an interview! Now what…

Its hard enough to dazzle anyone into thinking your the epitome of greatness in 30 minutes, let alone when your career-starting dream job hangs in the balance. 932 more words