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Why Should I Settle?

I have been job hunting non-stop since I’ve graduated, and recently, I’ve decided to stop. You might be thinking, ‘That sounds counter-productive’, but I assure you, it’s not. 311 more words


Another one bites the dust . Goodbye cover letters!

Ever wonder how much time you’ve wasted learning something that will be completely obsolete in say, like 5 years? I do. Good ol’ technology. Everyone’s so busy – now they’re too busy to read your cover letter. 250 more words


The 7 Best Things About Not Being In College Anymore

You graduate, you’re so happy, then boom the dread of, “WTF do I do now?” settles into the core of your soul. I am not going to lie, my post-grad life through for a loop when I couldn’t find a job but that doesn’t mean there aren’t perks to not being in school anymore. 24 more words


Delay the Real World, Take a Gap Year. Or Two.

If you’re anything like me you probably spent the month before graduation and the few following having a quarter life crisis. After I sat through my college graduation ceremony, I suddenly had a realization, I had a plan that would bring me through December, and then absolutely no idea what I was doing with my life. 762 more words

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Help: I'm Almost a Real Person

It happened. You know. The freak-out. When you realize that maybe you should have majored in something else and what are you going to do in a year and how can college be over and who the heck is going to hire you…Pardon me, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. 948 more words


The 4 Very Official Stages Of The Post-Grad Job Search

Finding a job is hard because convincing someone that you are the most fabulous thing to happen to them since that time Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams unearthed themselves, popped out of the ground, and joined Beyonce onstage at the Super Bowl is hard. 1,154 more words

The Airman's Creed

I will never falter/ And I will not fail”

That is the last two lines of “The Airman’s Creed” which the members of the United States Air Force are taught to learn, memorize and live by. 721 more words

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