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Straight From the Stars’ Mouths: 8 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

CollegeCandy was invited to Glamour’s “How to Get Your Dream Job in 2014: Secrets of Success from Women Who Know” panel on Thursday. The amazing event also honored the magazine’s… 204 more words


The Art of Moving On [Twenty-Something Rules]

I’m moving out of my apartment in a week. At current, I live in a large refrigerator box. Seriously, it’s 400 square feet and the ceiling leaks when it rains too hard. 625 more words


The lonely moments

Why is it easy for us to feel lonely in the midst of a crowd? Or even at a bustling party full of family and friends — the pang of heartache and sadness coming up in the most people-filled circumstances? 291 more words

Muses & Rambling Thoughts

It’s the time of day when I’d rather hurl myself into traffic then look at another LinkedIn promotion update or read another Facebook status about healthy living. 334 more words

Courses That Should Be Offered in College but Aren't

1.  Money Management 360 (AKA “When your parents cut you off…”)

That part-time minimum-wage job that earns you roughly 60 bucks a week is not making you nearly enough to pay for your rent, utilities, late night pizzas or weekly runs to the liquor store when you realize you have ONLY three different flavors of vodka at home.   850 more words


My heart grows exponentially at the thought of being near to my love. Since being with her I’ve grown so much as a human being. I have so much love I want to give to myself, to her, and to the world. 130 more words

Self Help

Science Says Your Brain Starts Rotting At Age 24

Science says our brains start degenerating at 24 years old. I am 24 years old and I can attest that I have gotten so dumb. In high school I was articulate, sharp, I could properly enunciate and had such a broad vocabulary people would tell me to stop using such big words. 216 more words