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To Be A Counselor

Since I started Grad School, this has been my hashtag for any picture or blog post regarding Grad school: #tobeacounselor. I know it’s juvenile to hashtag stuff, I mean, I’m 23, but I like this hashtag. 127 more words


The 5 Stages of Unemployment

If you have been following me in any social capacity for at least five minutes, you’d know I’m currently on the hunt for a new position in the field of entertainment PR. 386 more words


the sassy emoji and/is ME

Hate to break it to you all, but the sassy emoji and I are pretty much inseparable.

She’s always numero uno in my most used category. 315 more words


What '22' Felt Like

I turned 23 this month, which means my days of rocking out to Taylor Swift’s 22 are (kind of – sort of – not really) over.  1,213 more words


The Interview Cheat Sheet: How to Prepare for that Dreaded Interview

Interviews are such a bittersweet part of the post-grad experience. Landing an interview is one of the best feelings in the world (probably second to getting the job!), but once you’ve scheduled to meet with the recruiter, the dread of actually interviewing starts to set in. 401 more words

Post Grad Life

Little Pink Book

In the world of rom-coms, we know that a little black book is bad news. Case in point, the 2004 film Little Black Book. The book itself is re-imagined as a palm pilot, and although it’s a piece of technology that belongs in a museum for 2000s relics better left behind, it still manages to cause the same romantic mishaps that would be expected of an actual little black book. 437 more words


My very own Jazz Age

The 1920s:  the era of bathtub gin, the Model T (available in ever-so-chic black, of course), flappers, organized crime.  But the 1920s were also the era of disillusionment.   209 more words