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Kent State University (My Alma Mater)

Just popping in because I came across this video that Kent’s using for admissions and it brought back so many awesome memories :)

From journalism to fashion, aviation to nursing, theater, education, and so much more… Kent has impressive academics & the atmosphere is so unique… It’s not overwhelming like other big schools, it has that small-town feel, but is still a pretty big campus filled with amazing & unique people. 78 more words


Welcome to my post-grad so called life.

Being a millennial means your life doesn’t start until you document it online. So this is my attempt to start my life at 23 years old. 170 more words


Email Sent.

I just got done with 19 days of turmoil, turmoil brought on from deciding if I really could or should go to France. Something that seems silly considering the amount of time and effort I have spent talking about my excitement and impatience of getting in. 1,007 more words


"it takes a life to learn how to live"

(quote by Jonathan Safran Foer)

When Chinese New Year happened back in January, my roommate cruelly reminded me that as people born in the year of the horse, this would be the year we all turn 24. 599 more words


millennial(s)? there's an app for that

Being brutally honest here for a second.

The work week is rough. I, like many of my generational peers, have gotten so used to life during our college years. 545 more words

You know you're not in college anymore when:

1. You’re sleeping schedule more resembles a retired male than a young 20 something.

2. You’re bank account notifications make you cry because, like, how could you spend all that time ‘working’ and end up poorer than in college. 536 more words

Spring Street

This is the first day in a long time the weather has been this nice.

It wasn’t this warm this morning. In fact, it hasn’t been this warm since last September. 991 more words