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Thanks For Living Life With Me

Post grad life is when the constant “could be”s become the realities and we no longer wonder what living alone or starting a job will look like, we are now waking up to those 6 AM alarms and learning how much we still have to learn. 815 more words

How I Got My First “Real” Job

I like to joke sometimes that when it came to growing up, I panicked early. I freaked out around the end of my junior year, when most of my senior friends were graduating, and from that point on I made it my mission to decide on a career before the end of the summer. 535 more words


Apply or Die

Apply or die. That is my motto right now. That’s all you really can do when you’ve just graduated from college and you want something more than the waitressing or retail jobs you’ve had your whole life. 371 more words


The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer...

…Is singing loud for all to hear!
Or in our case, switching the blog up for the holidays!
Look out for more posts coming soon on life without winter break and new year resolutions, plus, maybe even a guest contributor!

Happy Holidays, Post-Grads!

Post-Grad Life

I Should Start Dating Guys I'm Not Interested In

One night, driving home from dance, I was talking to my roommate about my recent failed romances and I came to a revelation: “I should start dating guys I’m not interested in.” She started to laughing really hard but I’m telling you, it’s genius. 1,089 more words

Personal Story

23 Reasons Why The Best-Worst Year Of Your Life Is 23

1. You learn to speak business, no matter what your industry

You’re finally in charge of yourself. Sure, you might have a boss, but you can work on your own and do what needs to be done. 1,209 more words

The Tough Part About Being a Programmer

People telling me what to do and how to do it and they don’t know a DAMN thing about programming. How is it that someone who doesn’t know anything about code, Java, or programming in general, becomes in control of my tasks? 163 more words