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Embrace The Mess You Are [Twenty-Something Rules]

I had an interesting week. AKA, I cried into a Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle in the broad daylight of my apartment on a weekday. It’s whatever. 581 more words


Starting Over Sucks...

… like, it really sucks the big one.

Similar to most recent graduates, I was so excited for graduation. Finally done with school, classes, finals, and the never ending studying. 528 more words



{via Ruffled}

I had to write this post as it’s own, I couldn’t just let it be thrown in with Tomorrow’s Post. I’m at 500 posts! 102 more words

The Life

The fragile space between graduation and (possibly) grad school

No one ever tells you that job searching is similar to extracting sugar from water; it can’t be done without fire. You burn multiple times before making any strides in the right direction or any direction really. 340 more words


when I grow up

In middle school I had my life planned out. For as long as I could remember I wanted to be a vet. I loved (and I still do) animals and thought getting to spend all day every day with a revolving door of cats and dogs sounded like heaven.  167 more words

Growing Up

Angeljesus, Albino and Icy Are Just Some Of The Worst Baby Names Of 2014

Today compiled a list of the worst names from the bottom of the U.S. Popular Names List curated by the social security administration. There’s a reason why some of those names are not popular. 275 more words


Better Things Ahead

The day is almost here. This is my last week in America. I’m hopping on the plane to Israel on Monday, August 25th. Seriously, I blinked and the summer was over. 801 more words