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Nobody’s life is made worse by anyone else succeeding 



10 Things Longer Than a Black Church Service

I’m the granddaughter of two preachers, so I grew up in church. Most of my childhood was spent in my family’s red brick, Brooklyn house of worship – Tuesday night Bible study, Thursday’s noonday prayer, Friday’s… 195 more words


2 weeks in...

Aaaand I’m still here!! In the dry land…I thought MidWest winters dried up skin…desert summer takes the cake! Actually it takes about a gallon of Aveeno per few days. 619 more words


Long Time No Talk


After a long school year, I have returned and I apologize for the lack of posts to all my avid followers. (I know you’re out there!) My last year at Penn State has been nothing short of unforgettable. 254 more words

Penn State

Straight From the Stars’ Mouths: 8 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

CollegeCandy was invited to Glamour’s “How to Get Your Dream Job in 2014: Secrets of Success from Women Who Know” panel on Thursday. The amazing event also honored the magazine’s… 204 more words


The Art of Moving On [Twenty-Something Rules]

I’m moving out of my apartment in a week. At current, I live in a large refrigerator box. Seriously, it’s 400 square feet and the ceiling leaks when it rains too hard. 625 more words


The lonely moments

Why is it easy for us to feel lonely in the midst of a crowd? Or even at a bustling party full of family and friends — the pang of heartache and sadness coming up in the most people-filled circumstances? 291 more words

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