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Just the pinch I needed to get myself motivated again

Since I last posted, I manage to get my journal manuscript revised and submitted; and it is finally happening! I received an email saying my manuscript has been accepted (Alhamdulillah!!) This is a big deal for me right now, besides the fact that it is one of my PhD graduation requirement (which is to have at least one paper accepted in an ISI journal). 117 more words

Post Eid holiday work progress (or the lack of it)

So I skipped these few days due to the lack of internet connection (besides being absent from doing work :P). I think eid celebration and holiday is a good enough reason to skip, no? 309 more words

Back to College!

Had a nice time in my home. Attempted to drive my car, fully enjoyed the holidays by watching lots of movies with my family. Got my spectacles and everything is now looking HD for me. 97 more words

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