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Since I’ve met you my life has gotten better. You are beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is a jealous liar. You’re always saying that there’s a reason that people meet, and I think the reason I met you was so that I could have a better friend than I ever could’ve hoped for.

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How Post-It Notes Came To Be

Post- it notes are one of the things we use every now and then without flinching. So how did it come to be?

In 1968, 3M scientist Dr Spencer Silver discovered a formula for a glue which didn’t seem to work properly. 143 more words

Interesting Fact

The importance of being honest...

Kia cars are South Korea’s second largest car manufacturer who since 2005 have focused growth in the European market. One of their key differentiators is their independently verified customer reviews ~ they have collected and published over 10,000 unedited responses in 2 years. 350 more words

Tools & Techniques

why is art important?

wise thoughts from a middle school artist


Don Kenn's Monsters

This guy is horrifically talented. His specialty is doing making elaborate ink drawings like this on post-it notes.


Happy nightmares.

For more of his work, check out his tumblr here: Don Kenn’s Monsters.

What It Took To Build Her Was Almost Enough To Kill Her (And Us) Part 2: Wars

Come Thursday, Pandora’s Box HAD to be moved to Jonesboro. (It’s not like the Jackson shop gave a fuck about her.) And while J Loren has the voice of a thousand hurricanes, I’m much bigger than he is and I’d like to think I can muster up the voice of at least a half dozen hurricanes. 1,462 more words