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Where I Find My Poetry...

At band rehearsal this week (I play in a covers band for weddings and corporate functions) I scribbled this onto a scrap of paper between songs as the band rehearsed with a drummer who is filling in for me for an upcoming gig. 410 more words


A chemical engineer and the invention of the Post-it Note (Day 170)

Our stationary supplies would not be the same without the Post-it note. Imagine if we couldn’t bookmark our pages as easily, or write reminders to ourselves and co-workers – life would be less organised, and perhaps less colourful. 505 more words

Geoff Maitland

Positivity Week Day 1: Post-It Positivity

Today you are supposed to write something positive on a post-it note and leave it somewhere for someone to find.

Sorry it’s a little blurry. If you can’t read it, the post-it says, “You’re amazing just the way you are.” 26 more words


The only part of you he had

Eight months. Eight months she’d been gone. Buried under a litany of nightmares and choked down tears. You spend enough time crying eventually you to hide it, let it out it bursts, little moments of weakness as the new status quo solidifies all around you. 105 more words


Years ago now — I was after an old Celica… but I was also very Anti-driving and the Motor industry. the 1976 Celica is one of the only that have sentimental value (not the Mustang-back). 494 more words

Prompt #140


Response Example:

There’s an orange post-it-note
stuck over the camera of her computer.
I was there when she placed it
over the tiny sphere of glass, 64 more words

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