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REVIEW: Sloths - "Twenty Years"

I feel a bit like a broken record sometimes. I constantly bring up home much I hate throwing bands into genres, but then spend much of every review talking about what genre a band is. 395 more words


CD Review: Sólstafir - "Ótta"

Sometimes an album just hits you at the right time and sometimes that’s when you’re walking through the murky outskirts of Barnsley on an overcast, drizzly morning. 394 more words


This Will Destroy You - "Another Language" - ALBUM REVIEW

This Will Destroy You “Another Language”

This Will Destroy You is another one of many boldly-named American post-rock bands that builds crescendos and climaxes off of slow-building instrumentals. 408 more words


ANTETHIC - Origins

Coming from a very Pop background, I was incredibly hesitant when I was asked to accompany Neil in writing Metal reviews, but my passion for music led me to take the task. 196 more words


From the Past Comes the Storms: Cult of Luna's 'Salvation'

2004 marks 10 years since Swedish post metal overlords Cult of Luna released the majestic and massively influential ‘Salvation’. Any band who has anything remotely post metal in their sound owes a debt to this masterful record. 569 more words


Funeralbloom - Petals

Funeralbloom tackle progressive elements to decode the perplexities of relationships. Formerly known as “The Measure Of,” the newly named Funeralbloom have a fully developed, exploratory sound beaming across the dewy groundwork of their debut full-length,  272 more words

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Interview with Funeralbloom

Austin’s Funeralbloom may be up-and-coming, but they look to the advanced scopes of post-metal and post-rock to make music. And the Texans don’t even fret about slapping detailed labels onto their sound just to pass it along. 1,438 more words

Heavy Metal