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Two Antithetical World Views..

Basically what this sketch is is the ways people today view humanity in contrast to what the bible says. Today man is seen as just another part of the natural world, he has no more significance than a fish or tree, because in today’s thought we and the fish and the tree all share the same atoms and protons and electrons. 123 more words


Wading Into Messes: the Qatar World Cup

Someone forwarded me a link about bad conditions for migrant workers in Qatar. What’s going on here. Qatar is going to host the 2022 world cup. 433 more words

Post Modernism

Short Stories: One Half and Corroded Flame

I talk a lot of stuff about writing, but seldom do I ever share my writing with the general public.

Well I’ve decided to take a risk and gradually post some of my work on my blog. 326 more words

Anti Law

The zeitgeist of ani-law always exists, but it manifests itself in different ways for different generations. For three hundred years in the Christian era, the world-spirit persecuted Christians. 326 more words


Why intelligent people believe in God

Recently, a question that has been filtering in and out of my mind for a while found its form in a question from a non-believer friend: Why do intelligent people believe in God? 962 more words

The Addicts Philosophical Paradigm

I followed my heart into the souls of men
By my life, I didn’t know
that they drew their breath from the pale, drug induced delirum… 209 more words

For You, With Love - A vocĂȘ, com amor

Vinicius de Moraes, often refferred to as Love’s Poet, was a post-modernist (we actually celebrated last year as the Vinicius de Moraes’ year, as he’d be one hundred then, if he had lived that long). 307 more words

Great Poetry