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Writers as Readers: Cathedral

Cathedral Stories by Raymond Carver

The Writers as Readers book club met Tuesday, August 5th at B&N to discuss Cathedral by Raymond Carver. I selected this book because it seems that whenever I tell someone I write short stories, they always ask if I’ve read… 508 more words

Mary Lamphere

Science Please.

I’m writing this article because I’ve been seeing these posts on Facebook from the “I love science” page. While I do find them enlightening, they also make me upset. 1,069 more words


Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of “Gender”

An open statement from 37 radical feminists from five countries.

August 12, 2013

We, the undersigned 1960s radical feminists and current activists, have been
concerned for some time about the rise within the academy and mainstream media… 1,239 more words


Many Voices

The spirit of the world today calls in many voices.

Philosophy sings that we should give up hope of absolutes and universals and place our trust in synthesis or else live our lives in cognitive dissonance segregating reason from faith, value and true meaning. 285 more words


Thank god for the internet and the old masters

When I was at art school, one of the lecturers, who was a lot wiser than I, constantly urged us to look at the old masters. 333 more words


In Jesus Calling: Jesus Contradicts Himself

The “fallen man” wants to believe that Jesus contradicts himself, because if Jesus contradicts himself it means that Jesus is not God! and the “fallen man” can then justify his own sin! 568 more words

Signs Of The Times

Two Antithetical World Views..

Basically what this sketch is is the ways people today view humanity in contrast to what the bible says. Today man is seen as just another part of the natural world, he has no more significance than a fish or tree, because in today’s thought we and the fish and the tree all share the same atoms and protons and electrons. 123 more words