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Why China’s new domestic desktop operating system could actually stick

China’s next attempt at a mobile homegrown desktop operating system is slated for an October debut, according to state-run news agency Xinhua . China Operating System , abbreviated COS, will first appear on desktop computers, and later reach smartphones. 47 more words


Florida のヘルスケア企業の事例:従業員たちが Chromebooks を好んで使う理由は?

Healthcare employees in Florida choose Chromebooks over Windows, iPad
By Kevin C. Tofel  – Aug 21, 2014

Summary: Two-thirds of the employees at Chapters Health System opted to pick an HP Chromebook 14 over a Windows laptop or iPad, which has made the IT department happy. 427 more words


The sweet spot on Apple’s racket

“The first Tablet PCs, especially those made by Toshiba (I owned two), are competent but unwieldy. All the required ingredients are present, but the sauce refuses to take,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. 316 more words


Acer gets smart in bid to halt PC slump

Acer Inc, the world’s fourth-largest computer maker, is diversifying in its latest effort to get its struggling personal computer (PC) business back on the road to sustained recovery. 60 more words


Google Maps は、あなたの行動を記録している:心配な人は Location History をチェックしよう!

Use This Trick To See A Map Of Everywhere Google Knows You’ve Been
Steven Tweedie – Aug. 12, 2014

If you have a Gmail account or use any of Google’s apps, there’s a good chance Google has some of your location data stored in its systems. 418 more words


Acer Chromebook 13 と Nvidia Tegra K1 のデュオが繰り出す、安さ/軽さ/速さの ハード・パンチ!

Acer’s Chromebook 13 ― a featherweight computer with a heavyweight punch
August 12, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 12 ― The newest addition to Acer’s Chromebook range, simply called the Chromebook 13, offers an incredible 13-hour battery life and is just 18mm thick yet it can render and output 4K ultra-high-definition content. 494 more words