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King of the beach

Last May I posted a few images of bald eagles foraging along White Rock’s beach. We have a resident pair that nests in a tall evergreen overlooking the whole beach, but that day there were two additional adult eagles on the beach, one of whom was much bolder than the resident birds. 64 more words


Instagram-itis: How the Lazy Use of Filters are Ruining Your Photographs, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself From This Deadly Disease!

As a rule of thumb, I generally try not to use any of my social media outlets to rant, as I believe there is already too much negativity out there on the internet, but there was something I saw last week that really dug under my skin. 823 more words


One Four Challenge - Jan Wk 4

As some of you may know, I had a critical backup failure and lost all my challenge images as well as all my textures and files for working in Photoshop.  251 more words

Image Processing

"You must have a really good camera!"

Every now and then, when someone has been nice about one of my pictures, they follow straight on with the phrase at the top. I don’t get too irritated by this, but I do occasionally remember the comment I saw from another photographer that this was a bit like following a really delicious meal at a dinner party by saying “You must have a really nice oven.” 427 more words


Christmas leftovers

While we are still only a month past Christmas, here’s a an image to warm a cold – or for us here, a grey – winter day. 27 more words


Vacant Changes

This here is what they call a leaf mine. Essentially an insect gets inside of the leaf where it feeds; the excavation leaves a distinct mark or pattern as you see here. 189 more words

Macro Photography

HDR Post-processing: Pond in Winter

I’ve been using the auto-bracket feature on my Canon EOS T5 Rebel a bit lately.  I believe some cameras allow you to take up to 5 bracketed shots with the push of a button, but the T5 is limited to 3 shots.  186 more words