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The Age of Entitlement

Yesterday while pursuing my Facebook Groups, someone posted a news article about a race in Cincinnati.  Apparently it is the longest running road race starting 105 years ago.  591 more words


Do You Have the Post IronMan Blues?

So you’ve spent the better part of a year training for an event that is one day of your whole athletic career. You live and breathe this event. 563 more words


I Heart the AlterG

Yesterday I had a session with my PT again. My achilles was feeling 98%, so he just did some quick release techniques on the tight part, and then set me up on the AlterG. 397 more words

What I do After A Race

Monday: 5m progressive run 8:06/pace

Tuesday: 3.1m easy 8:50/pace, 10 abs, 

One of my favorite things about a racing is the Post Race. And no, i’m not talking about the crappy d-list cover bands or the space blankets or biting a medal in a soon to be very expensive ‘foto.’ I’m talking about the things that make me smile after running hard and how to enjoy the rest of the day (with people that love you so much they’d wake up at ass-o-clock just to watch a ton of sweaty smelly people in herds pass by so they might catch a .25 second glimpse of you with just enough time to shout, “WOOOOOO!!!”) 404 more words

Ironman Maryland - One Month Later

You did it! You are an Ironman! Now what?

Everyone’s post Ironman experience is different. There is talk of pain, never again and food. For me there was limited pain, sign me up for another one of those things and food. 792 more words