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As students at universities around the country fight through the last few weeks of exams and assignments I felt the urge to write something. Universities are increasingly becoming aware of the impacts of student stress, but I still find myself frustrated with the willing acceptance of ‘stress’ as a necessary part of the university experience. 1,063 more words

The Great Coffee Crusade

I work at a University so all day I see students bustling through halls, juggling the stresses of life and academia. No longer a student, I still feel their pain as I recall the days of endless assignments; knee-deep in five to six courses with no end in sight. 403 more words

Hey, as long as MY career is not on the line, I could care fucking less about anybody else.

Pretty much the mentality that stops ‘humanity’s educated “problem-solvers”‘ from fulfilling their purported duty.

Where there's a will there's a way

I might have to upgrade my high school courses before getting accepted into the program I want to attend at my school of choice. At first I was a little upset about this, crushed by the idea of slowing down the momentum propelling me in the direction of my dream, but I realized that it is a part of the same process. 114 more words

The Quest

Looking for Bright Future?

Then a career as an Electrician may be right for you.

The Electrical Joint Training Committee is hosting an OPEN HOUSE FOR WOMEN on May 3rd at their training facility in Port Coquitlam. 81 more words

Upcoming Events

Gap year: Why students should reconsider going straight into post-secondary

After 13 consecutive years of education and standardized testing, an increasing number of students are choosing to defer higher education for a year spent abroad. 423 more words

Open resources will benefit post-secondary students

News Release
Open resources will benefit post-secondary students
*A new initiative exploring the use of more electronic material in classrooms will improve access to education for Alberta students. 633 more words