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[Opinion][WANTED or LOST: Hardworking Youths]

Opinion Rant – WANTED or LOST: Hardworking Youths

            Are they actually out there anymore or have they just become a little lost in finding payable employment? 852 more words


Life after high school

Life after high school seemed so far away for so long, but now I am approaching my final year of high school and now comes real hard decisions. 132 more words

I'm 19 and I quit my summer job

I started working on May 26. Downtown Calgary, suit and heels everyday. I was supposed to be important everyday. I took the Number 3 bus at 7:20 in the morning everyday. 1,661 more words

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Hey everyone, I would like to share this wonderful blog post with you. This lovely lady is a good friend of mine, and I think she has made an incredible statement in choosing to quit her summer job.
Her experience is something that is shared by many, many students. It is the entry into a world of disengagement and of little meaning. The purpose of our post-secondary experience, including summer work and internships, is to encourage us to pursue our interests, our strengths, our passions and our dreams. That is not a cliche statement. Truly, a well functioning society is dependent on a workforce that is engaged at the workplace. I think Shelby makes an excellent statement in essentially saying: Dude, you can literally do anything you want with your life. Particularly if you come from a privileged background, with the opportunity to pursue your interests and strengths... you can literally do anything you want with your life. Taking this into consideration, why the heck would you consider pursuing anything less than what you believe in and what you find rewarding. Take your opportunity to do what you love, and to give back to your community. This choice seems to make sense when simply written in a blog post like this. But I understand that it's a difficult choice to make in real life, because our society has told us that it is risky. It can lead to unknown pathways. No one's given you a map or directions, and you have no destination. So we become afraid. But that's where all the great things in life originate from: from doing the things that scare us most, that make us vulnerable. Like Shelby says, "Scare yourself, within reason." Get out there and do SOMETHING REAL friends. You got this.
  "Kid, you'll move mountains."

Best Colleges

People with autism can make their own choices, but they need guidance if they don’t know what to do. They can attend community college, take online courses, enter on-the-job training programs, or attend universities with autism programs. 71 more words


Preparing for my first year at UofT

I’m finally done with high school and am now going to the University of Toronto, this Fall. So far, things are so confusing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a first generation student( my parents didn’t really get schooling so they don’t really know about how things work), or if it’s because the universities lack of help in explaining what’s going on. 463 more words

Post Secondary

University/College freshmen - do your homework! 6 tips to help you prep for first year

This post is specially for my followers who just graduated from high school and their parents/families. High school is a time you can look back to as one of your favourite four-year sets of your life so far. 801 more words