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At This 400th Post

Here it is, post number 400. I am not sure why that seems like an important milestone but right now it does. I cannot understand why 300 did not seem such a big deal and when I think of reaching 500 which is a traditional milestone like 100 and 1,000 it seems too remote to even understand what it might mean. 954 more words

Recovery From Losing Home To Wildfire

Scars of Gold: What the Japanese Art of Kintsukuroi can tell us about Post-Traumatic Growth

Sometimes, you coincidentally run into things – and you instantly have a flash of insight that profoundly deepens your understanding of a specific facet of human life. 154 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Three ways to use the holidays to heal and grow

As we descend into the darkest month of the year, we may notice ourselves bracing with closed fists and gritted teeth. For some, the cold and darkness keep us tucked away from the present moment. 1,106 more words

Mental Health

Reflections on EMDR

As I finish the last requirements of my Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training, I feel more compelled than ever share the gift of this therapy with the world. 675 more words

After the Flood

There are now mornings I have awoken without the smell of mildew on the back of my dreams. The fans have stopped their buzz and the gutter mud has settled into dry, frozen waves. 240 more words

Mental Health

Listen to the Younger Parts of Yourself.

Listen to yourself. Listen to all parts of yourself. Listen to your past self at every age. Read the notes. Scan the pictures. Don’t just see the wisdom in creative play and inspired bliss, but also in creative coping and inspired survival. 419 more words

Healing the trauma of abortion politics.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to address a group of college students on the topic of abortion and emotions. It was a panel discussion, hosted by the student group Sacred Sex Salon at… 576 more words