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There is a ton of advice out there – coming from sources such as self-help books, television psychiatrists,  internet forums and therapists – on what to do should you find yourself estranged from your parents/children.   464 more words

Adult Survivor Of Child Abuse

Post-Traumatic Growth ...

…the term used by the psychiatric community to describe positive changes in people resulting from their own traumatic experience.

After the trauma of an abusive childhood, about two-thirds of all survivors will come to a place where they rethink what they believe about themselves, and their world; 419 more words

Adult Survivor Of Child Abuse

Om Buddha, matforgiftning, bueskyting og Nietzche.

Hva er oddsa; jeg skulle på min første bueskyting kurs i går på Eik med Nicolai ( min nye bowmanfriend), og så ble jeg dagen i forveien matforgiftet??? 914 more words


I think it takes a lot from a person to admit that they have a problem, especially so if there is stigma associated with that problem.   339 more words