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Comfortably numb...

I don’t want to feel my emotions anymore. I have endured too much abuse to deal with.

It’s too unsafe to deal with it. ‘Unsafe’ – a huge aspect of my entire life. 53 more words

My Journey With PTSD

I wrote most of this 7 months ago and I published it online anonymously. It is a follow up to an article that I published in September 2013… 4,688 more words


the disease of addiction, the condition of deprival #recovery #mentalhealth #alcoholism

When a child grows up in conditions of deprivation (lack of affection, respect, validation) that child is going to be conditioned to re-create those conditions in adulthood unless they decide to do the hard work of changing themselves and their surroundings. 623 more words

Asking For Help

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Leads to Addiction (Video Education)

Even events that we wouldn’t consider life-altering can result in trauma. Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, keeps us trapped in a loop re-experiencing the traumatic event as if it was happening in the present. 10 more words

Something I've never really acknowledged openly, I have been attracted to women.

My husband knows this, always has and he’s always been okay with it. And I have kissed women, drunk, in my 20’s.

I never admitted this to any ‘church people’ because the ones I knew have abusive views about this. 528 more words