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Medical Marijuana

Please read this and sign this.

Groundbreaking marijuana study canceled

Have at it, and let the University of Arizona know they need to support full legalization of marijuana. 477 more words


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I signed the petition as well. Let's get this taken care of!

Senator John Walsh Implies PTSD a Factor in Plagiarizing His Master's Thesis

When President Obama chose six term Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) to be the Administration’s new Ambassador to the Peoples’s Republic of China in February 2014, there was a short term appointment into what had been the world’s greatest deliberative body, as that seat needed to face the voters in November 2014. 619 more words


Mini OCD Stress

So don’t laugh. I take 2 or 3 drinks to bed with me at night (non-alcoholic!) – one I usually drink taking my meds, another I drink whilst reading and the other is for in the night. 286 more words


First responder says employer isn't recognizing PTSD diagnosis

Watch above: Debby Primo was diagnosed with PTSD after her son committed suicide, but says her employer has resisted shifting her to less stressful duties. Sean Mallen reports  622 more words


Desertion, Martial Manhood, and Mental Illness: The Case of Sgt. Bergdahl

Several months ago, when I submitted my first blog post for Nursing Clio, I included a short section about Civil War veterans who had lost their right to a pension because they had deserted the army during the war. 1,034 more words


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Sarah Handley Cousins has an article at Nursing Clio about Sgt. Bergdahl. While the furor over Sgt. Bergdahl's return has died down, questions about his release still remain. Cousins approaches Sgt. Bergdahl from a different perspective. She asks what role mental illness has played not just in the desertion of Bergdahl, but of other soldiers from United States in previous wars. We are finally beginning to understand the devastating impact of post traumatic stress disorder on soldiers. It is possible that PTSD played in role in Bergdahl's case.

RCMP: Mental Health Strategy?

So, out of the blue, our Commish announces that the Member Employee Assistance Program is to cease and desist. But worry not folks, we have something else in mind to take its place. 205 more words

Mental Health Issues

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Gratefully with permission from Dr. Mike Webster - Re- sergeance.com


Mindfulness. The word alone makes me cringe a bit inside after the absurd amount of times I’ve heard it in various hospitals and treatment centers. Ick. 411 more words


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It is so hard to be mindful. I struggle with staying in the moment all the time. This sums up exactly why we should be mindful though! Excellent reminder!