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Adjusting to Life

It’s no secret I am ex army. Therefore it stands to reason that a lot of my mates are ex army. The Australian Defense Force (ADF) is a big family. 1,050 more words


It’s like he’s in a cave.

He can’t leave the cave.

But sometimes he can

come up far enough

to see the light.

And sometimes I can… 15 more words

Severe PTSD, school holidays, husband night shifts, hives & nauseous at dinnertime.

This week, my husband is on nights (he’s a cop). Not good timing when I have the boys home for the school holidays.

This is resulting in added stress, hives now daily at home, and I am nauseous by dinner time and unable to eat with my family, at 6pm. 350 more words

cat fight.

I have not blogged in awhile now. I may have to do a list of the things that have happened. So much to tell.

1. Drove my mother to rehab, picked her up 24 hours later. 605 more words

Relationships with people who have PTSD

A few days ago I posted a silly self-pitying post about always being the broken one in couple’s counseling. It was a weak moment. Even Moxie has ‘em. 1,087 more words


An emotion provoking post from my inner child's pain.

This post received emotional reactions on my community page and I feel so deeply for anyone, who has been through this….

It is bad enough to have even one person abusing you in childhood.. 180 more words

I need visuals...journey from scary & dark swamp...to the light again.

I feel like the last few months, I have been wading through this dark, filthy, scary swamp, trying to see my way through the murky swamp water, with little light, almost no visibility, each step unknown as to what I will feel, and too many painful and fear inducing things along the way. 83 more words