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13 pounds and counting.

I used to be 10 stone 7 pounds. I am now 9 stone 8 pounds and I’m happy with that. I’ve dropped a size in clothes (which now means I have 3 completely different sizes in my drawers) and whilst I am happy about the weight loss, I’m also not. 1,365 more words


Pneumonia is trying to fuck with me

I’m really fucking ill. No other way to put it. Had a terrible night of wheezing and chest and stomach pain so went back to the doctor AGAIN first thing in the morning. 250 more words


Makeup or No Makeup That Is the Question… ;) Part 4 Conclusion 21 November 2014

God will give us what we want. Have you ever thought about what you really want? What is behind what you believe that you want? What will it give you once you have it? 1,189 more words

Learning To Fly

Sleep's Link To Learning And Memory Traced To Brain Chemistry

Almost a century after the discovery that sleep helps us remember things, scientists are beginning to understand why.

During sleep, the brain produces chemicals that are important to memory and relives events we want to remember, scientists reported this week at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington D.C. 237 more words


When I never was a person

Mirrors didn’t matter, but neither did my presence
Insanity chased me more when I had to live in silence
Stuck in the spider web, tangled in the  shadows… 273 more words


Dr. Phil show Part 1

It has been quite some time since I felt like making a post on my blog. I was being triggered by writing about my abuse and decided to take some time off to take care of “me”. 1,015 more words


Canadian Veterans: dealing with ABI and PTSD


Travelling to a foreign country to engage in combat. Witnessing injuries, death and destruction on a regular basis. Forced to endure tough living conditions. 1,241 more words