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Why is it always at 3am when I can’t sleep that I become overwhelmed with inspiration/motivation?

My head is all over the place. I’m running loops in my head of eating healthy, stopping binging & purging and ideally cutting out alcohol altogether. 535 more words


“The Malfunctioning Mammal” PTSD – PART 2

Current research into early trauma origins reveals that untreated trauma inhibits the capacity of the nervous system to function appropriately and also significantly alters brain chemistry. 708 more words


unearthing layers of 'illness' and rebuilding my foundation

it’s interesting how disabilities (for me, personally) can overshadow each other. when i was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia over the summer of 2014, i took it really hard — even though it helped explain a lot about my day-to-day experiences, the high levels of pain i was and still occasionally am in, i still took it really hard. 454 more words

Struggling to Feel Safe

I recently received a diagnosis of cervical carcinoma in situ. That means that I have very suspiciously cancer-like cells which are still localized to the cervix. 188 more words

Unexpected Turns

     So there have been some unfortunate and unavoidable delays in getting my first book published by a Publisher to print. The book would have been printed in January like I was  promised but I rejected two layouts because they were not up to my standards. 508 more words

J.L. Pitts

The Value of a Caring Friend

When you are haunted by depression or severe anxiety, you need someone who is on your side. You need a good friend who understands and accepts you for who you really are. 539 more words


Winnipeg firefighter trapped in fatal 2007 blaze still battles PTSD

WATCH: Recognizing PTSD as an occupational hazard

WINNIPEG – Ed Wiebe remembers waking up on his back, stuck to a melting carpet in the inferno that had been a St. 752 more words