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Emotional Regulation

My emotional regulation has become so erratic and unreliable lately that it’s exhausting me just trying to keep a handle on it. Last night, I got completely overwhelmed – yet again, and J had to talk me through it. 63 more words


Courtney Phillips on the Traumas of Working as an ER Nurse

I met Katy* when she had just finished a 12-hour night shift at hospital. She was wired on energy drinks, something that most of the fellow nurses in her age group relied on to get through the gruelling work week. 1,482 more words


Two months ago, I was screaming.

I had been screaming for a long time.

I don’t mean this poetically. I don’t mean I was demanding attention. I don’t mean anything other than what I just wrote. 2,036 more words


Anxiety Setback/Pause

I never ended up posting about all the positive stuff as I promised in my last post because all the things I posted about in that post set my anxiety off really bad so bad I’ve had to seriously reconsider my friendship with this person. 403 more words


Meditation and silent screaming.

Something I’ll do tomorrow, and something I do most Wednesday mornings, is attend a Christian meditation group. Based on the teachings of the desert fathers (or, if you’re one of the three people I know who have read An Alien At St Winifred’s, the dessert fathers, with their dedicated ministry of sweet pastries…), Christian meditation is about moving beneath and beyond the chattering, daily concerns of life, away from the mental and cerebral, and deeper into the self. 387 more words


A hell of a night

Last night I walked out of the apartment barefoot, and walked for about a mile – simply not thinking, not thinking anything at all. I couldn’t think. 137 more words


Emotional Numbness - PTSD

I don’t know exactly why at some points in my life I will become emotionally numb. Laying here in my bed this morning- I feel so numb and blocked. 196 more words