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When Trauma Treatment Goes Out of the Box

Guest post by science writer Brenda Patoine

Yoga. Bodywork. Meditation. Chanting. Role playing. Tapping. Talking. These are all strategies used to try to heal psychological trauma, but only one of them (talk therapy) is backed by rigorous clinical studies of the sort that mainstream medicine deems acceptable–that is, randomized, blinded, controlled clinical trials that are published in peer-review medical journals. 554 more words

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Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett

Fallen Pride is a fast-paced action-packed novel by Wayne Stinnett. The story is part of a series centred around ex-soldier Jesse McDermitt, although oddly this is Book 4 on Amazon (the exclusive digital retailer) and Volume 3 on the book cover. 126 more words


6 months, 23 first responder suicides – what are we doing to help?

Watch above: New questions about mental health assistance for first responders after an Ottawa police officer dies by suicide. Sean Mallen reports.

TORONTO –Twenty-three first responders across Canada – police officers, firefighters, paramedics, soldiers and corrections officers – have killed themselves since April, according to a foundation that’s made its mission to work with emergency personnel around mental health. 559 more words


PTSD Is...

I have been part of a writing/art group for PTSD sufferers for about a week now. A few days ago, one of the prompts was to describe what your particular experience of PTSD is like. 472 more words

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Mourning in America

Wake up

I strap my boots to my feet

Walk over to the thermostat

But guess I couldn’t pay the heat

Walk into the kitchen… 410 more words


Birth Trauma

Immediately after the event* best try to forget it and enjoy the baby

*First four words added 1 October 2014

Despite modern pain relief and liberal Caesareans, traumatic births still happen. 386 more words

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PTSD stirkes again!

My thirty year old niece is beginning to put the pieces of her mothers past together with her mothers frequent emotional outbursts and meltdowns. Recently, my father shared that my six brothers, my sister and I, may not really be brothers and sisters after all. 381 more words