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Moving Forward with PTSD

I read a quote yesterday that really rang true to me. It said trying to move forward with PTSD is like having one hand tied to a solid post and the other tied to a fast moving train! 1,265 more words

Will be seeing another counsellor.

My doctor/counsellor is away but has suggested I see another doctor/counsellor due to my current state of mind. I know this is needed and I am blessed to have people that I can see, who will try to help. 91 more words


I had an idea about a year ago that I’d like to have a silver ring workshop for women who have experienced physical or sexual trauma. 546 more words

Mental Health

I wanted to step out in front of the bus.

I have just done the school pick up run.

Whilst waiting in between two cars, to cross the road, a bus was coming and I had a real need to want to just step out in front of it, which would be the end. 82 more words

Was the last 5 years, all just to cut the wounds deeper?

This just came to my mind and I am now having a major increase in anxiety, so I’m breathing and trying to stop an anxiety attack. 91 more words