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Why Do People Worship the Baby Boomers?

In “Blinded By Nostalgia“, Yuval Levin looks at lingering narratives about the future that are left over from the post-WWII anomaly (“America’s postwar strength was a function of unrepeatable circumstances.”) that was cheap oil, a perceived social consensus, and near-global dominance. 170 more words

Unless you lived History, read it - Dido Sotiriou & History

All of us can change the float of History. When? All those times when we decide to distance ourselves from the present time, all those days that we accept the mistakes of peoples as a result of all human nature. 769 more words


The Quiet Duel 静かなる決闘 (Shizukanaru Kettō)

Firstly, unless it was super hard to get in post-war Japan (but probably wasn’t that hard with the aid sent), the treatments used were terribly outdated and the whole premise of the movie is irrelevant.  559 more words

Seattle Kifujin

Tomorrow Never Comes

Take solace in the fact that you are not to blame… You are a good person, you have no control over big companies, governments, world policies… Future generations on that day, that day when Tomorrow Never Comes, will know… that you did nothing…

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Post War Climbing

Following WWII, the 1950s were an important period in mountaineering history. With the war over, it was once again possible for climbers to climb far off mountains. 1,014 more words


The Bletchley Circle (2012- 2014) British TV Series

This post is meant to make you aware that while British TV Series The Bletchley Circle is well wort watching for its wonderful post WWII period feel, it’s not a war movie, nor has it anything to do with… 146 more words