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Random's Life Part 54: Double Flashback

“I just can’t focus, Tipsy.”

I scratched at my head, frustrated by the lack of concentration. After Cocoa had left, my mind wouldn’t stop wandering toward thoughts of her. 6,401 more words


Post 9

Lately, I have been feeling that all hope is lost, desperately wishing for a way out. I can’t exactly pinpoint what initiated all this, as I am lacking emotional depth. 75 more words


Deliveries 19th December 2014

The snow bites have come from Cadbury’s via a sopost promotion

The shaver plug I purchased off ebay having discovered that for some reason shavers still come with a two pin plug attached to the base charging unit so had to get one as we dont have one in the bathroom ….. 16 more words


This We Know

by J. Randal Matheny

Let faith not shake from false reports,
We know the truth that never fails;
The facts about Jesus fill our mind, 149 more words


I'm Back!

Hello all! I have survived finals week and am currently catching up on the Netflix watching, cleaning, & pampering I had given up since finals started. 76 more words


Randomness on Writing

Today is a rambling of thoughts.  Look out.  I didn’t edit this.  It’s just the way it came out of my head.

My writing process.  Do I have a writing process?  354 more words

Christmas Post

Hi everyone!

It’s the last Friday before Christmas and we have had an amazing week post-launch. From taking photos in Trafalgar Square, along the Southbank and at Buckingham Palace to exclusive events in Shoreditch, we are really excited about your reactions and enthusiasm for our brand. 140 more words