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Mantis Shrimp, is there anything you can't teach us?

A big tenant for starting Loony Labs was an idea that nature provides us with answers to some of the biggest technical problems. So I am proud to announce some work done outside of the lab based on a true warrior of the animal kingdom, the one and only mantis shrimp. 597 more words


Twenty Fourteen Wordpress theme

I thought I’d try out the “sticky post” feature of the Twenty Fourteen wordpress theme, personally I rather like it but what do you think?

Please, please comment below :)


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Hello Human Being.

This week’s theme is: On Top
(Hosted by The Daily Post)

On top can be a feeling, a perspective, or a physical location. 203 more words


Well, If You Put it That Way...

Hello there, Daily Prompt!  Been a while since I thought to take you on, but today is a good day.  Welcome back to my blogspace! 295 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 113] Wandering in wonder

Today’s Daily Prompt seems to be quite well-timed.  It wants me to list five places that I (have always) want(ed) to visit.  One of those would not be on this list, but because of what happened to me a thousand days ago, a certain place has added itself to the list (I will list this fifth on the list). 365 more words


23 April 2014 -- bonus #haiku

Happy 450th birthday to William Shakespeare!

ink on a page
verse echoing from stages
Shakespeare lives

– If you love Shakespeare, too, and want to see some funny videos inspired by him, check out today’s post on my Shakespeare blog License of Ink.


23 April 2014 -- #haiku

a favorite photo
brightly tinted blossoms
always in bloom