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Aggression and Abuse: Who's at Risk?

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Aggression is a necessary component of some careers, most noticeably in the military, in football, ice hockey, and in a lesser degree in other sports, too. 514 more words


SQL SERVER - SSMS: Index Usage Statistics, Physical Statistics & User Statistics

When I used to be in the consulting business, the most request session or topics always revolved around Performance Tuning. And whenever I talk to folks around what they want to get covered, they often get to a point of when and how to create efficient indexes in my database. 1,115 more words

SQL Authority

Always Ain't So Long

No matter how great my day is going, it always ends with pain. At night, when I undress and get into my bed, the space next to me is empty. 276 more words

Work Done!

A car in the train was wonky today. First of all the train was shorter than usual. Then we stood for a long time waiting for the doors to open. 121 more words


Darwin: Day 2 - Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

The reserve is a haven for wildlife near Darwin.  There are birds, snakes (death adder and water python for example) and crocodiles move in during the wet season.  161 more words


New Hummingbird Feeder

Big black ants found the old hummingbird feeder soon enough, and they had quite a good time in its sugary water. So I had to buy a new feeder, one with a moat that I coated with glue to stop the ants from crawling into the feeder. 65 more words