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Les Belles de Nuit

During the late Sixties, Les Belles de nuit offered their bodies and souls at this establishment, now defunct, on the outskirts of Cala d’Or. The photo was taken in Cala d’Or. The date: August 23rd, 2014.


The Deathbed of the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is currently lavishly presented at the church of Sant Andreu in Santanyí on occasion of the Festivitat de l’Assumpció de La Mare de Déu… 34 more words


Homage to Pep Costa 'Picarol'

A festive act was celebrated last Monday at Fernando Café in Cala d’Or during the Fiestas de Santa Maria del Mar in honour of Don Pep Costa ‘ 105 more words


Felanitx, 1786 A.D.

This delicate graphic image of the outline of Felanitx was etched by Joseph Muntaner 228 years ago, in 1786. Bravo. The image was borrowed from the… 49 more words


¿Para qué sirven los souvenires?

De forma rápida y jadeante voy de calle a calle, miro los escaparates, monumentos y edificios tal como si seré capaz llevármelo todo en el recuerdo.

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The Feast of Breaking The Fast

The moon is in a New Moon position today in Mallorca. And hence, Mallorca’s muslim population today celebrate the feast of Eid al-Fitr, the Feast of Breaking the Fast, at the end of this year’s month… 14 more words