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Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

To take this picture, I used the zoom so it might not completely show the depth (for the weekly photo challenge). But it was quite steep and we were a couple of meters above the sea. 83 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge-Depth


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I remember February 1, 1989, quite well,

for various reasons.

First, I was dragged out of bed at 0530 by… 281 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth ...

This week’s challenge is ‘depth’ and my interpretation of it is seeing the depth of the ice on the Mendenhall glacier in Alaska




X, with an xo.

Here’s what I know about my generation: we are like the small area of Venn diagram overlap between the two enormous spheres that are Millennials and Baby Boomers. 1,286 more words

The View From Here

The Depth of Marvelous Moments: A Book Blog

Is anything better than falling into the depths of a good book? Books are made of paper, string, glue, and ink. When these materials are alone they don’t seem very significant, but when put together they can be life-altering. 205 more words


The depth of tunnel

This picture was taken in Yagiri station near my house, today.
It is under the ground.
This picture is my contribution to “Depth” this Weekly Photo Challenge at the Dairy Post, WordPress.com. 71 more words