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Let The Sunshine In

A few months ago (back in January, I believe — I guess I got a bit distracted…) I was pleased to find that Amie who blogs at… 422 more words


Baboon on the roof!

This female baboon has been spending the last couple of minutes foraging around the chalets here at Giant’s Castle Resort, and the rooftops make excellent vantage points from where to plan her next kitchen raid… 12 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Conditional love

Sitting on the edge of the creaky cot, he checked the message on his phone from his client: “She loved me for my money. Let the same money pay for her last ride.” 121 more words


sleep theory

An excerpt from my diary -THE SELF WRITTEN DESTINY.

Served RAW…

I finally understood how we fall asleep. I would rather prefer to say, “I think” I finally… 586 more words

Throw Your Two Cents Into the Ring

 Over the next whenever*, I will be changing the look of my blog.

Now would be an excellent time to let me know what you wish I’d change or hope I’ll keep. 53 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

I was on top of the world in May of 1994, as a new bride, when I took these pictures.

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