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Happy trinniversary!

Three years have passed since the most fortunate accident in my writing life. I’m so grateful for all the time you took to browse the rubbish I throw up in here. :) :D


The Rockies: Family Time at Estabrook

August 15-16, 2014

It was time for the annual board meeting at Estabrook, so I got to spend some time with the family. In my opinion, a visit to Estabrook is not complete without a walk to the Bear’s Cave, so Katie, Bart, Bart II and I took a stroll to my favorite spot just before the afternoon rain. 74 more words


Weekly Writing Challenge: Friendship

An out stretched hand
To give freely
Not fluid or sand
Friends completely Strong hold offered
With gentle care
No price proffered 25 more words

Rocks under the water

We’ve had an awesome kayaking season this year; the weather has been great and the temperatures very comfortable. The cooler temperatures are a very good thing since I wear long sleeved SPF-50 shirts and they can be pretty uncomfortable when it gets hotter. 338 more words


4. Recommended Resources - Intelligent Design

What is Intelligent Design? It’s in the news a lot, but exactly what does the phrase mean?

The basic claim of Intelligent Design theory is that one can look at empirical evidence and conclude that some things are caused by intelligence instead of by chance or undirected natural causes. 728 more words