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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

“One says the things which one feels the need to say, and which the other will not understand: one speaks for oneself alone.”  Marcel Proust

WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge



I know i should forget but I can’t.

Maybe it was something you said
or something I did?
Maybe it was the booze
or maybe we were just high from the weed? 122 more words


Rant of a woman.

An egocentric post.
You have been warned.

I’m 24-going-on-25.

Since graduation, I’ve been working my ass off 60-ish hours a week in one of the most hardcore business I could’ve dived into, spend my off days trying to recharge just so I don’t die the next day I go to work (or making necessary calls to keep the business going), and trying my best to make my way in this epically massive world.

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Annette Messager: Les Tortures Volontaires

Still up-to-date: Annette Messager’s photo series on the image of the body from 1972. 166 more words


Six Dollar Man / Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Shortbread Blondies

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

I met a guy at the petrol station this morning. Dark haired, Mediterranean heritage, wiry body.

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If you’ve lost your passion for the work you do. Then I suggest you find new challenges. Find new barriers to hurdle. Fine new walls to break down.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Here’s my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge and the theme is DialogueThis theme is a tough one, since I am not very good with abstracts. 124 more words