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Think about what you can give. Never think about what you will get.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

On Top: Click on any photo for info and to start slideshow.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

A threshold is a point of entering. A point just before a new beginning (such as a wedding). Full of anticipation. The hard work is done (your garden in complete). 64 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Of all the places I’ve visited (so far), the two greatest cities that depict the ideal street life (IMHO) is both Paris and New York City. 150 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I’m a water sign, so you will usually find me somewhere near it. Water is a great reflector of nature and also of our moods. Here are my photo submissions for this week’s challenge: Reflections.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I take as many photos inside as I do outside. Here are some of my favorite inside shots from this past year. Click on any photo to start slideshow. 54 more words