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Last couple of days incoming mail :)

A little note from KJ

KJ #2 – Usa

A small goodbye from Judit :’( But such lovely Stamps :D

Judit #4 – Switzerland

A letter from Robert… 102 more words

Handwritten Letters

Terracotta Warrior

Yesterday was a happy mailbox day for me. An official Postcrossing card arrived from near Guangzhou, China. It features a specimen from the collection of terracotta warriors and horses depicting the army of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. 72 more words

No.307 Taiwan

April 14 from Jessie of Taichung

why Christmas card why why why


A Postcard From "No Man's Land"

Signing up to “PostCrossing” makes me a little uncomfortable.
I am designated as living in the “United Kingdom”
It is of course the DE FACTO situation as I live in “Northern Ireland”. 73 more words


The Meaning of a Letter

(Stay tuned til the end… I have a question to pose!)

When was the last time you got a letter? Not a bill or advertisement or obligatory birthday/Christmas card, but a real, handwritten letter, sent with no particular holiday or duty in mind? 726 more words