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To Eeva in Finland

Eeva was an older woman who liked art postcards. I chose this postcard by an American artist to send to her.

On the back of the postcard is written, 120 more words


I Collect Postcards from Random Places in the World

I love receiving personal snail mail. The simple joy and giddy excitement of reading my messages on paper gives me a boost of happiness. But with emails, IMs and text messaging, it’s hard to find people who share a fondness for snail mail as I do. 649 more words

When I'm Not Travelling


Alishan, Chiayi | Alishan is one of the most famous tourist spots in Taiwan. This area of outstanding natural beauty is home to many living creatures and affords spectacular views of sunrise and sunset above a sea of clouds. 15 more words


Bachelor Button Transformation

Bachelor Buttons for Texture Tuesday. Applied Kim’s Pinit9 and then used a layer mask to paint the flowers back in and then applied the Pinit9 again. 223 more words


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

On first glance I though that the scene on this card (from Alberto, Canada) was fairly unimpressive, although it looks like an amazing vista. But when I looked on the UNESCO World Heritage Site website I discovered that this cliff or ledge was used by the indigenous people of the land for almost 6000 years as a ‘buffalo jump’. 74 more words


how to get started

This always seems tricky to first timers. I know, I was there once. How do you just start writing letters to random strangers? How do you even find random strangers willing to participate in this seemingly random exchange? 752 more words