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From Nataly in Russia

Nataly chose to send me this postcard because it was a nice view of her home as well as some interesting architecture.

In addition to the view on the postcard, I also enjoyed the text. 112 more words


Incoming: Postcard from Germany

Received: 10th of September, 2014
From: Karin, Germany (via Postcrossing)

The quote on the card “Mit den Menschen ist es wie mit den Blumen: Sie brauchen nicht nur Wasser, sondern auch Sonne.” is translated “Humans are like flowers: they don’t only need water, but also sun.” 7 more words


Postcrossing 214 Finland

Deze kaart uit Finland deed er 3 dagen over om bij mij te komen. Een vrolijk geel bloemetje met een vlinder erop, altijd leuk om te krijgen. 49 more words


Incoming: Postcard from USA

Received: 10th of September, 2014
From: Katherine, USA (via Postcrossing

I think this card is very cute. And the stamps! As I might have mentioned, you can make suggestions for the sender (on Postcrossing) of motives on the card, and I have suggested books and tea cups. 26 more words


Welcome To Donesk – Ukraina

Kartu pos official dari Ukraina, Donesk. Donetsk ada di Ukraina bagian timur yang merupakan pusat pertambangan batubara dan baja terkemuka di dunia. Sejak didirikan John Hughes pada 1896, kota Donetsk ini berganti-ganti namanya dari Yuzovka, Staline, Stalino sampai di 1961 kota itu resmi ganti nama jadi Donetsk. 41 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Received from Schwetzingen, Germany

It’s another card through Postcrossing!  This makes 4 I’ve received to date (I have sent out 15).

“The entire region here is famous for its delicious asparagus,” my correspondent says.   31 more words

The Shanghai Museum

Rachel gave me no clues to where or what this building is, but a Google search has shown me that it is the Shanghai Museum. The faded, pastel colours are how the postcard arrived to me, however the scanned picture that Rachel uploaded to the Postcrossing website is much brighter. 26 more words