It’s been a while. The end of term has, as always, been characterized by that old adage: when it rains, it pours.

Not only are all my classes wrapping up (the worst of that is over at least) and next term’s work seems to be slowly trickling into the break but there are friends to see, jobs to hunt, and the emotional overhaul which always seems to accompany exam season. 124 more words



NO JOKES PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS. I WILL BE CHANGING THE SITE URL (http://mikuhatsuneyoutubepiano.worpress.com/) to either http://mikuhatsuneutubepiano.wordpress.com/ or http://mikuhatsunepiano.wordpress.com/. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS CHANGE, ON MONDAY NEXT WEEK AT 9:00PM (australian time) . 12 more words

Ted Talk - Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

Here’s a Ted Talk I saw today for your viewing pleasure =)

It’s sexual in nature, so if that’s not your thing, please take care of yourself.


Wedding Chapter Posted

Alright my dear readers, I have posted chapter 27! I did something a little different with this wedding chapter. Previously, I wrote a chapter where Gian walked in on a rather desperately sensual goodbye scene between Rome and Labriella. 238 more words

All 'Beastking Chronicles'


Some are posted
for exhibiting the carriage for argument
while others are revealed
artfully hachuring their opinion.


Special Guest Saturday: Megan Shantz!

I got a great comment from Indevour, Megan Shantz, on my post about CISV. It’s such a great question that I thought I’d showcase it here for all of you! 265 more words