Standing My Ground With Authority Figures

A while ago I posted about reducing fear at the dentist. I managed to speak up and tell the hygienist what I needed, but it didn t make me any less anxious while there, and for good reason as it turned out. 63 more words


i just posted a new thread and then i realized i gave it the same name as a thread i put up the other day how doi fix this… 6 more words

I'm So Blue.

I m so blue, so sad. I know this stuff has been posted on here a million times before. This just hurts so much and nobody understands except people on here. 68 more words

Venting & Why It Isn't Always Good

The other day when I had posted my thread: How Do You Not Scream? A lot of forum members helped me, and gave me advice. Most of the advice was geared to venting (screaming in a safe environment). 70 more words

Ptsd Book

I see some books posted in the forum that look good. Can anyone recommend a academic type book to help me understand PTSD? I m not really looking for a flowery/soft/cheesy book if you know what I mean. 25 more words

Just Posted In Anonymous By Accident

Would you mind throwing it where it belongs? My apologies. I know you have better things to do. Thanks Shimmerz