Christmas Delicious

Back in 2011 @amethist posted this recipe. I ve made it each year since. It s so good. I felt the need to resurrect it for everyone to share Snow Covered earth Squares Ingredients 160gms/5oz Hazelnuts 200gms/7oz Crunchie Bars 150gms/5oz Dried cranberries 100gms/4oz Mini marsmallows 300gms/10oz Dark chocolate, broken into pieces. 31 more words

STUPIDITY! This Guys Posted Private Pictures of Him and His Ex Online after BreakUp

Some Guys are Really stupid, so a Guy went ahead and shared this pictures on social media Just because a Girl broke his heart??? some girls are Also Weird, Why Would You Let a Guy snap you in these positions?? 31 more words


YIKES! See What This Chick Posted On Instagram...lol...

Some people just purposely put themselves up for some good internet roasting…. she was torn to shreds by Nicki’s fan on IG

911 Gist

New Here - Need Some Answers About Ptsd

Hello, I m sure this has been posted in the past, but everyone s story is different and I could use some insight. My boyfriend and I have known each other for almost 20 years (one of my best friends), but last year we started dating and that led to a committed and loving relationship. 56 more words

Creative Futures Assignment - Creative Item to be Posted

Creating a gift to send to a company or individual, needs to make you stand out from the competition.

The item is a double sided promotional item, showcasing my skills and the asset that I can be to a prospective client. 97 more words

Creative Futures - Dave E


Issue #6 of The Traveller is posted! Check it out. Share it. Comment. Let us know what you think!

These photos were actually trending online now and Her account has been taken down by Facebook., See The Bad Pictures Below


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