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Can't Fight Anymore

It s been a while since I ve posted, but need some advice. I ve been doing my best to fight the anger anf put on a happy face for my wife and family, but I m just too tired to keep going this way. 76 more words

Abusing My Dog

Its been a while since I posted on here. Things havent been working out for me. But I ll get to the point. I beat my dog sometimes, or I just feel the need to hurt her when she behaves irrationally. 66 more words

How Do You Know When You Dissociate?

I looked through some of the threads and maybe this has already been posted somewhere so forgive me if I am being redundant. How do you know when you are dissociating? 82 more words

Feeling Alone

I posted something a few days ago about my boyfriend being abusive toward me and everyone s words and advice were so kind. Tonight I am feeling the weight of my choices to keep staying and working it out. 65 more words

Question For Supporters

So I had posted a thread recently and was saying that my combat vet D was acting different for the last seven weeks. He had been more distant and just wasn t his normal self. 75 more words

posted scene

heard that you got something

and where the mail

and its own time

come along

and how it felt

and those are the best

of what you wanted… 46 more words