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Progress... Or Just Change?

“It is not strange… to mistake change for progress” ~Millard Fillmore.

We have made many changes over the past 75 years or so, but very few of them have brought about a change for the better… very few could claim forward progress. 49 more words

What If You Died Today?

What if you died today?

A little over a month ago, a 51 year old man died. I knew him from high school only and he was only a year older than myself. 435 more words



New laid concrete.
Cat paw prints leave a trail
for posterity.


I no longer have patience.

I have always said I only have patience for those who deserve it… nice to know others think along the same lines too. Carpe Diem for life is sometimes too short x… 224 more words

Physical Attibutes

Censorship and the Inept American Citizen

I find blogging difficult and a frustrating conundrum. I don’t say this about the concept of blogging. But in finding my angle in the context of my chosen subject. 642 more words


I pick you

“Mommy, if I was a sunflower, would you pick me?”

“Yes, Julia. I would pick you.”

Every time.


Ferguson, MO. Black Female Takes Leap It's About Good and Evil

It was Friday evening on a local a.m. radio news talk radio station here in Savannah, Ga. This station gets its national news plugs from ABC. 262 more words