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You must re-learn what has been learned.

This process of passing down to posterity is re-search.

The Grape of Heraclitus

In the summer it must be fabulous to be a grape, surrounded by all your cluster mates, chatting it up about your wonderful color and fragrance, soaking in the long days of sun and ocean breeze to enhance both, wondering why some grapes are plumper than others, but otherwise enjoying the surety and certainty of the stasis of being a grape. 154 more words

Pierce Starre: Breaking free: Part 2

An inspirational Pierce Starre travelled for several long weeks on foot, he chose to embark on an unplanned and organic journey that would see him breaking free from the daily rituals and triviality of our modernised lives. 1,526 more words

Physical Attibutes

The Opposite of Virtue: A Leveled Approach


This notion from Sam Wilson’s primer on transaction goosed my gray cells: “I encourage you, O dearest reader, to consider justice to be an additional salient dimension here. 932 more words


The Opposite of Virtue: A Volley

Transacting, as Sam Wilson noted, has its uses and its abuses. Transacting, it seems, is essential. If it is true that transacting is essential to the human experience—and I think it is of the essence: almost nothing is human unless a transaction has occurred—then moral questions apply. 460 more words


Lovely Leona

Today, Leona celebrates a decade of living.  Here are highlights from all that living:

I love you, Leona!  Happy, happy birthday.  Welcome to double digits.

Mushy Mama


Sweet Ellie

Ellie’s birthday is on Saturday, but since I know the rest of the week is going to packed with activities, I thought I would celebrate my sweet Middle today.  20 more words