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Sources of Joy - Day 4

Video message, posterity, and tumbleweeds

I am grateful today for long arms. They are useful for taking a selfie video to send a congratulatory message to my niece and fiancé who get married on the 17th in Australia. 92 more words

General Chatter

Snow Queen

This is the tree in our front yard.  I had to get a photo yesterday because it is rare to find this tree with blossoms AND snow!  174 more words



This weekend was delightful.  Here are some of the details.

Daniel is Joel’s soccer coach. They got their first win on Saturday. I was not there because I was with Leona in Indianapolis at a math tournament (um…yeah…I know…they are called “mathletes”…it’s totally prime). 403 more words


Windy City

Fantastic day for brave kite-flying.

That string got tangled around a mailbox…and a wrist…and a plant…and a foot…and a sister…and a mom (mostly because that mom didn’t want to drive her kids to the open field down the street so she let her kids fly kites in the cul-de-sac. 79 more words


Clapping Trees

While sifting out the kiddos book bags on Monday morning I found this.  It made me cry.

While crying on Monday morning, I found this.  It made me laugh. 32 more words


Rain can Stay

I took these photos yesterday.

Rain can stay for today
Dramatic looks
Picture books
Rain can stay for today

Thanks, Mom, for being the best reader ever! 101 more words


Fill the Hat

I inherited my dad’s hat.  If you knew my dad, you know what a big deal that is.

I also inherited my dad’s loyalty to teams that will break your sports-lovin’ heart. 169 more words