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director: Rian Johnson“…the path was a circle. Round and round. So I changed it.”


American Psycho

director: Mary Harron“I have to return some videotapes.”


The Big Lebowski

director: the Coen brothers

“You mix a hell of a caucasian, Jackie.”


about mo-mo

Movie Moments (mo-mo) posters is all about recreating classic movie moments! The goal of mo-mo is to provide  free content for film-goers to enjoy as posters, desktop backgrounds, or downloadable files. 36 more words


Tarantino Turns Eight And Gets Hateful And Apparently Big, Too - Here's The Brand New Poster For The Hateful Eight (2015)

So apparently Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is a happening thing after all. Those who have been keeping up with the off-screen drama surrounding this film will know that when the initial script for ir was leaked online, QT initially said he just wasn’t going to make the film after all. 184 more words


The New International Poster For Disney Animation / Marvel's "Big Hero 6" Give Us A Stunning View Of San Fransokyo

One of the movies we are extremely eager to see later this year is Disney’s first animated Marvel film, “Big Hero 6.”  Now some of you, us included, may have asked, “You paid over 4 billion dollars for Marvel and your first animated feature is centered around who?”  Well after seeing the teaser trailer ( 248 more words