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Airspace is complicated -- and so I abuse PostGIS once again

Let’s ignore for a moment the drone hobbiest / enthusiast. What is the shape of airspace for airplanes and commercial and government unmanned aircraft flying under Certificates of Authorization, and how can we visualize it? 521 more words


Creating a subset of a table as a function

In this post we are going to make a function that returns a subset of an existing table.

The function is written in SQL and it will receive a polygon in binary form WKB. 101 more words


Convert Shapefile to SQL

This code is for converting a shapefile format file into an explicit SQL file.

The result should be given to the database as a file with the -f flag. 55 more words


Creating a geometric table in Postgis

This table is intented to be used as a template for making sketches and then visualize without any trouble with QGIS. It has a primary key. 51 more words


Entenda as diferenças entre os planos disponíveis no Sistema Financeiro de Habitação.


O mercado de crédito imobiliário oferece basicamente, dois tipos de planos para quem vai financiar a compra de um imóvel:

Os planos oferecidos pelo Sistema Financeiro de Habitação (SFH), e instituições financeiras públicas ou privadas, desde que autorizadas pela Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), são regidos pelas tabelas Price ou Sac.  72 more words

Mercado Imobiliário

Heroku handy commands

Promote database:

$ heroku pg:promote 

Check database status:

$ heroku pg:wait

List backups:

$ heroku pgbackups

Create a back-up

$ heroku pgbackups:capture 

Restore back-up:

$ heroku pgbackups:restore  … 50 more words

Building rgdal from source

My limited knowledge of what happens in Terminal, and thus by extension shell, is mostly driven by PostgreSQL/PostGID/rgdal/RPostgreSQL install errors. In the latest variant of this, … 238 more words