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The past couple of days I spent some time getting my app running with Hibernate. Unfortunately I was quite low on time, so it took me longer than I had anticipated. 504 more words


Maven GWT Mojo, GWT, Hibernate and PostgreSQL

Currently I am working on a side GWT side project. My interest in GWT initially started during my days at college. I really find it to be an awesome way to create client-heavy internet applications (RIAs, Rich Internet Applications). 729 more words



I’ve been using MySQL for quite some time now. Since 2015 just began, I decided it was time to mix things up a little bit and to use… 476 more words


Vagrant, PostgreSQL and pgAdmin

Here’s how to use pgAdmin to inspect a database on a Vagrant virtual machine. Vagrant already has SSH setup so the easiest and most secure way to connect to that database is using pgAdmin’s SSH Tunnel feature. 196 more words


PostgreSQL LISTEN / NOTIFY with Node.js


Interestingly Postgres has a feature that goes very well with the asynchronously nature of Node.js. The Postgres commands LISTEN and NOTIFY along with triggers you can have NOTIFY events fire when certain queries are performed on specific tables. 418 more words

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