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PostgreSQL: list and disconnect all open connections

To list all currently open connections to your PostgreSQL database you can execute this SQL command:

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_get_activity(NULL::integer);

And if you need to manually close the connection that exists in the table above, you can execute the query: 56 more words


Call Memory Cache Functionality from Within Stored Procedure

I apologize for my cancelled post titled “Linux System Programming in C”. It is supposed to be posted under other category.

To alleviate database load, my first pick is pgpool-II with… 859 more words


A True SQL Gem You Didn't Know Yet: The EVERY() Aggregate Function

We’ve just added support for the EVERY() aggregate function (#1391) to jOOQ, and would like to take the opportunity of letting you know of this true SQL gem that can come in handy… 439 more words


PostgreSQL Geodatabase Query Performance

I came across a couple things that might be helpful when troubleshooting PostgreSQL geodatabase performance issues.  The topics below focus on troubleshooting SQL queries. To get SQL queries from ArcGIS with a PostgreSQL geodatabase, use the instructions found below to set up a trace.  729 more words


Simple test for autovacuum log messages

I had reason recently to suspect that autovacuum jobs weren’t being properly logged on my RDS instance. Instead of compulsively re-running “SELECT relname, last_autovacuum FROM pg_stat_user_tables” while I waited for one to happen, I set up this quick test: 248 more words


PostgreSQL Dump to create table and import countries with their COW code and abbreviation

This SQL dump/insert script creates a country table with columns for an id, the COW (correlates of war) id, country name, and country abbreviation. The information was pulled from:  32 more words