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Get "tone" from corporate disclosures: PostgreSQL, Python, and R.

The paper by Loughran and McDonald (2011) develops lists of words that are intended to reflect “tone” in financial text. The following code retrieves these lists and applies them to a large body of text (over a billion words) from 250,000+ conference calls. 1,002 more words

Brewing a potion with Bluemix, PostgreSQL, Node.js in the cloud

Here is a heady potion made with the key ingredients of IBM’s Bluemix, PostgreSQL & Node.js. In this post I instantiate an app ‘mypgdb01′ on IBM’s Bluemix which uses the services of PostgreSQL in the cloud. 788 more words

Cloud Computing

Frightening Facts about MySQL

So you might’ve seen Destroy all Software’s talk about JavaScript:

Here’s a similar talk (less funny more scary) about MySQL:


Functions for Transferring Vector Data Between PostGIS and R

There are numerous excellent packages to process and analyze spatial data in R. However, when a project involves multiple and/or large spatial data sets, it often makes sense to make use of a spatial database for data management. 1,247 more words


Creating SQL database `on the fly`

… One of the first result in Google was sqlfiddle [2] page. At first sight website looks very simple. And in reality – it is. On the left side you have to write DDL statements, and on the right side, you may use created schema by sending some queries.

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Working with Node.js and PostgreSQL

In this post I create a simple Webserver with Node.js which uses PostgreSQL database in the backend. This post shows how to perform simple database operations of insert, select, update and delete using REST APIs (POST, GET, PUT & DELETE). 672 more words


LiDAR and pointcloud extension pt 6

There’s all sorts of reasons why what I’ve been doing so far is wrong (see the previous 5 posts).  More on that later. But in case you needed 3D visualization of the chipping I’ve been working through, look no further: