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PostgreSQL - List All Tables and Describe Tables

Connect to the database:
psql [-U username] [-h hostname] database-name

To list all databases, type either one of the following:

To list tables in a current database, type: 14 more words


Connecting to postgres using domain sockets and libpq

We recently started using Goose to run our migrations, and I wanted to connect to the Postgres instance on a local machine using a domain socket. 155 more words


Bucardo 5 Cascaded Slave Replication

When I read new release of Bucardo 5 with capability of asynchronous multi-master replication, I was eagered to wet my foot before swimming. Not really about multi-master features, just to implement simple master-slave-cascaded_slave replication, as I have done with Slony. 306 more words


How to make a great-circle linestring

The postGIS GEOGRAPHY type connects two points on the Earth’s surface by the shortest route (the great-circle line). Unfortunately when displayed in Quantum GIS, this will appear as the shortest route between two points in map-space (actually a… 47 more words


Install and setup PostgreSQL for Django

1. Deactivate the virtualenv if there is.

pyenv deactivate

2. Install the required libraries.

sudo apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev

3. Install PostgreSQL.

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib 236 more words

Django - Schedule django-admin command using django-chronograph

Previously we talked about setting up some custom command in a Django project.

I would like to run the custom command in a regular interval. 560 more words


Integrating jOOQ with PostgreSQL: Partitioning


jOOQ is a great framework when you want to work with SQL in Java without having too much ORM in your way. At the same time, it can be integrated into many environments as it is offering you support for many database-specific features. 1,395 more words