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replace string in postgresql

update user_report2 set agent = replace(agent,’com’,’com)’)


Book Review: PostgreSQL Replication

So for my series of System Engineering books, I will proceed with a short review of PostgreSQL Replication by Packt. The reason this book came to be a part of my collection is that while there is a lot of information regarding PostgreSQL replication out there, a lot of it is out of date, given the overhaul of the replication system in PostgreSQL 9.X. 585 more words

Book Review

update table with same row same column from 2 table

update  d  set d=b.d from b where d.name=b.name and b.c=d.c and b.b=d.b


Advantages of PostgreSQL over MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server is proprietary database from Microsoft, while on the other side, PostgreSQL is developed and maintained by a global community of open source developers and companies. 215 more words

SQL Server

Rails 4.1 upgrade from 4.0

We have just upgraded a rails 4.0 application to Rails 4.1. It has a PostgreSQL DB; is developed on Windows; and is run in production on Linux in  AWS.   379 more words


How can I do This? - With SQL of Course!

Haven’t we all been wondering:

How can I do this? I have these data in Excel and I want to group / sort / assign / combine …

916 more words

From SQL Joins to Arrays in PostgreSQL

Joins are in the heart of any relational database. Obviously, we use relations to model relationships between tables in SQL, and joins on different flavours (Inner, left, or right) are the semantics for manipulating a relational model. 700 more words