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ISB and the Reformation Discourse

My last article seems to have caused unsettlement amongst some quarters it seems.  I was attacked for not verifying my information before “judging” people, although, my article refutes the statements made by brother Ahtsham Ali.  2,524 more words

Current Affairs

'The School' by Donald Barthelme

The School by Donald Barthelme, 1976

The magic trick:

The class discussion that serves as the storys coda

Just when you think “The School” couldn’t get any funnier or more twisted, Barthelme transitions, near the end of the story, with the sentence: One day, we had a discussion in class. 214 more words


Gender Beyond the Social/Biological Polarisation

The notion that gender is a social construct finds vehement opposition among the likes of conservatives and other assorted ‘Rightists’, who counter that gender is fixed at birth, an essential aspect of the sex of the individual. 548 more words

Cognitive Bias

The Stubborn Persistence of Post-Capitalist Utopia: Part I- Post-Apocalyptic Capitalism

One reoccurring charge against postmodernism and poststructuralism alike is that they are unable to think utopia.

At first pass, this certainly seems plausible, after all postmodernism in Lyotard’s famous formulation was defined as “incredulity towards metanarratives.” For another example, in all of Derrida’s work on deconstruction, did he not (perhaps admirably) refuse to offer an alternative to logocentrism? 1,438 more words


Is relativism and postmodernism the same?

The self-identified postmodern philosopher Richard Rorty asserts: “Relativism is the view that every belief on a certain topic, or perhaps about any topic, is as good as every other. 789 more words


New Literacies

New literacies, in their ability to combine multiple modalities and sources with two-way feedback and conversation between amateur and expert creators, represent the epitome of new postmodern literacies in the digital world. 369 more words

Affinity Spaces


How do you explain evil and suffering? When you look at a beautiful sunset or see any other great spectacle in nature how do you see it? 1,315 more words