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Racism, Hatred and Bulverism

I read a cartoon twenty-some years ago: Two guys are sitting on a bench. One is reading a newspaper and says, “African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans; I’m glad to be a simple White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.” 751 more words

Culture Wars

Merry Christ-Mass!

“Happy Holidays” is one thing; “for the holidays,” or “for the Holiday” when the context is clearly Christmas is another. “Whoever denies me before men, I will deny before my Father” (Mt 10:33). 56 more words

Culture Wars

Towards a Democracy of Space

Contemporary theories on space make an emphasis on its lack of stability and perpetual becoming opposing classical theories of space such as those of Heidegger and Bachelard. 552 more words


Death of the subject specialist? Education in a postmodern world

Whenever I talk to my children about life before the Internet, it’s clear to me that they can’t really get their heads round what it was like. 1,232 more words


The Post-Cultural Condition

Many will remember how the “posts” were a hot topic for a few years in the 80’s and 90’s.  There was a sense that something had terminated, and that we were living after the end of history, modernity or capitalism. 2,181 more words

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Chuck Klosterman

Oh Chuck Klosterman, how you make me laugh and then make me want to karate chop you in the throat. Klosterman is the guy at the party who is always talking. 314 more words


The Existential Philosophy of the Sean Ellis movie, Metro Manila

Currently on Netflix, there is a film that provides a great exploration in existential philosophy. It is a Philippine film made in 2013 by the director, Sean Ellis, and titled, Metro Manila. 2,884 more words