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Story Unchained (Pulp Fiction)

Pulp Fiction has been analyzed more times than Goethe. The film is one of the most celebrated films of the modern era, but the film stands in more of a postmodern frame of mind. 202 more words

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Whoever undertakes to create soon finds himself creating himself.
Harold Rosenberg

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What's Wrong with Positivity and Health?

The other day (having nothing else to do) I watched an interesting video on the Glenn Beck YouTube channel. In a ten-minute presentation, the flame-haired libertarian mourned the tendency of popular culture to emphasise and celebrate the negative. 609 more words

Defend The Modern World

Not-so Flat Management?

Today’s post focuses on the main ideas contained within Chapter 14 of Management Basics for Information Professionals by Evans and Alire. The chapter begins with the assertion that younger generations are more likely to engage in teamwork based on a more inclusive, team-centred upbringing. 804 more words


Information as 'story'

It is interesting that the past continues to steam roll into the present when you least expect it. I was sitting in a lecture on Information Theory when the literary theory of my past lit a fire in my mind once again. 448 more words


The Free Market of Religion, Science and Art

The Free Market is evidence of the potential when Science, Religion and Art cooperate. Science is the economics, and organization of the complex web of interactions within the market. 271 more words