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Presentation on Urban Regeneration: Transactive Planning and Post-Modern Neoliberal Planning

Course Name: Planning Theory, History and Ethics
Description: Considering the topic of Urban Regeneration from two different planning paradigms, this presentation, as an accompaniment to a term paper, was intended to reveal the differences in the practical manifestation of two different theories in planning. 24 more words

Course Work

Where the Heart Beats by Kay Larson

Where the Heart Beats
John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists
by Kay Larson

I have just finished reading this excellent and inspirational book. 1,381 more words

An exchange on Birdman

“And now that I’ve done the movie I understand why they couldn’t explain it. (Laughter) Because I’m not sure what happened. … by the way, I’m really proud of having done Batman. 3,762 more words


Postmodernity Ahoy! (PT14)

Chapter 14: “Postmodernism: Or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” by Fredric Jameson

                Fredric Jameson represents the other side of the postmodern coin: he is a Marxist who, in true dialectical fashion, emphasizes the good and the bad within any given scenario or development; to this end, while critiquing postmodernism he places his critique within a framework for advancing the struggle for universal emancipation. 320 more words

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One for the Christmas list

It’s high time I outed myself as the insatiable Dylan Moran fan that I am. I find his sit-com, Black Books, unendingly hilarious, and all too often slip obscure references into everyday conversations, causing at best an uncomfortable exchange of glances, and at worst outright offence. 317 more words