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The Demeaning of Meaning: Why it Matters, Biblically

In recent years, we’ve been told that we, as readers and writers, must choose between two mutually exclusive propositions:  either we must accept the author as tyrant or promote ourselves into his/her place. 1,121 more words


Inequality for blacks and other minorities still exists socially and politically due to the inherent nature of our Democracy and the Capitalist system.

Attribution to Michael Rodriguez for the inspiration and guidance.  All references are available by request. Image attribution to the www.nydailynews.com 

Essay #3

Effective black politics has come to a dead end.  1,268 more words


Repost-Heather McDonald At The WSJ: ' The Humanities Have Forgotten Their Humanity'

Piece here (link may not last)

Oh, the humanity.

I agree that students, when facing a syllabus, shouldn’t also have to face the great books mediated, nor their young minds circumscribed, by overt political ideologies. 523 more words

Public Debate

The Return of Heroism?

I have been having second thoughts about yesterday’s vague and rather melodramatic post. Navel-gazing is not helpful. The real world should be understood on its own terms, not dogmatically – at least insofar as policy is concerned. 363 more words


In Which the Author Admits Her Hypocrisy...

In my last post, I outlined four literary terms that I’ve come to fear, and why. Today I considered “1001 Tropes that Piss Me Off,” but I’m just not stoned, drunk, and bored enough to do it. 509 more words


ISB and the Reformation Discourse

My last article seems to have caused unsettlement amongst some quarters it seems.  I was attacked for not verifying my information before “judging” people, although, my article refutes the statements made by brother Ahtsham Ali.  2,523 more words

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