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Timequake Discussion

Timequake is definitely not what I was expecting. That’s not to say it wasn’t any good. It’s simply different from the other Vonnegut books I’ve read. 415 more words

Book Club


zounds! said he
j’accuse! said she
(butterfly said he
i rather lay said she)

j’accuse said he
zounds said she
(beautiful penis said he
handsome clitoris said she) 43 more words


Warning: Rant Ahead or, Me vs. Mom

These days I really wish I had a better understanding of what more or less “typical” mother/eldest daughter relationships look like.  Of course, I have this feeling that knowing what other “normal” relationships look like will make my relationship with my own mother make more sense.  323 more words


Om ett samhälle i förfall

När man funderar över den samtida samhällsutvecklingen är det svårt att förmå sig till att se positivt på det hela.[1] Sverige har under lång tid skeppat ut stora delar av sin produktion och har övergått från ett samhälle av producenter till ett samhälle av konsumenter (i likhet med deltagarna i lyxfällan). 1,174 more words


I have a dream...

And I haven’t felt this way since the last time that I had a dream. And I am dreaming now; and the tears of ambition and the fears of failure are in every cavity of my mind. 219 more words

Back To Axiology

This piece mostly discusses axiology. Specifically, this piece speaks to contemporary situation in the United States, but, if the reader tries to generalize it they might see the situation expressing itself in other areas of the world. 6,605 more words


Individual Task: Theorist ‘Mashup’ – Post Modernism

  • According to Leotard (1979), modernism has failed because we have, as a united culture, allowed social norms to be divided into ‘independent specialities’ for only experts to control and understand.
  • 420 more words
381MC: Specialist Research