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Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 41: Everything is Legacy

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 41: Everything Is Legacy

January 24, 2015.

To open my eyes is to see nothing. To hear a particular silence. To hear only mind until nothingness. 567 more words

How many roads

This is a book I want, about the 1968-1975 period in the United States. For most of 1968 I was eleven, and I turned nineteen at the end of 1975; that is why the period seems so real to me although I was at the same time too young to participate. 166 more words


My reservations about No More Page 3

Last week, The Sun pulled off the troll of the century by strongly insinuating that they were pulling Page 3, to the delight of feminist campaigners – and social conservatives – and then announcing the whole thing was a lie and the bare breasts were staying. 632 more words


Checking In: A Show About Nothing

Today is a special anniversary: on this day in 1991, the second season of Seinfeld began to air on television! Far from being a “show about nothing,” as popularly described, Seinfeld started as the brainchild of Larry David and Jerry himself to show (in their own special way) how comedians get material from the seemingly mundane happenings of regular people. 234 more words

Checking In

GABBLER RECOMMENDS: Authur Krystal's "What We Lose if We Lose the Canon"

“But what made the postmodern charter different was its willingness to discard the very idea of standards. Starting from the premise that aesthetics were just another social construct rather than a product of universal principles, postmodernist thinkers succeeded in toppling hierarchies and nullifying the literary canon. 712 more words


Hermeneutics: The More Literal Your Understanding, the More Spiritual Your Condition

Lately I have been reading through past issues of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony’s “Watching and Waiting” quarterly newsletter (back to 2012), and find the following quote very insightful, a concise expression of many truths regarding hermeneutics and our Christian walk: 772 more words


Androgyny and the Uncanny &c

Bere is my bachelor’s thesis, with my own words removed. It is titled “Androgyny and the Uncanny in Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness… 1,368 more words

Parallel To Writing