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Creative Challenge: Part Two Week 7: Dada Art

Much like Naive art, I don’t know how to create Dada art so instead I am going to give you a brief outline and history of this genera of art. 267 more words


The Nature of Truth

Psalm 11:3 asks this question: “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” As believers we face a unique problem. In past times, the object of evangelistic apologetics was to bring to light the truth and to dismiss the false ideologies of the culture. 1,013 more words

more free vulgarity from the proletariat

more free vulgarity from the proletariat: Poem with comments; poem originally posted on June 20, 2011 by hopefulandfree,; reblogged with (unrevised) original comments  on  July 25, 2014… 2,064 more words

My Poetry

An Obsession with Technology

How worried should we be to find out that – a ‘tech crèche’ has been created for people who are unable to disconnect from their mobile devices while out and about in the natural world. 582 more words

Contemporary Art

A clarification on absolute-claims

My recent posts on finitude was misread in thinking I held that “absolute knowledge” was impossible for humans.  That is not what I meant.  I was simply following traditional Reformed theology (see Muller) on the theologia unionis: 237 more words

Richard Muller

Georgia Football, "Spectacle" as Community, & The Post-Modern "Anti-City"

I have recently started a new book that I can hardly put down! The book is Peter Leithart’s Against Christianity. Now, before you get your panties in a wad, the book is not against the Christian faith, instead in this book, Leithart explains that what we currently call “Christianity” is some strange amalgam of Modernism and Biblical Minimalism. 715 more words


Psikologi dalam Refleksi Epistemologi

            Pada kesempatan sebelumnya saya sempat menulis mengenai iklim positivistik yang saat ini bisa dibilang cukup prevalen di psikologi. Tidak hanya untuk psikologi UI, tetapi juga psikologi secara umum saat ini. 1,800 more words

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