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If you build it, they will come

A few weekends ago I took a field trip to Dallas with my Living World Religions class to visit various religious establishments and talk to the practitioners there. 735 more words


Vacancy Filled

Friends; Readers,

I have been (conspicuously) absent these past few weeks–perhaps Gravity’s Rainbow finally took its toll and I have been wandering around our postindustrial cityscape in the shadow of a rocket that has yet to come, or perhaps it was that ever-present shadow of the semester’s end that struck me mute; in either case, apologies are in order. 2,873 more words

William Gaddis

Russian constructivism

The constructivist movement started developing around 1917-20 in soviet Russia. Its founder was Vladimir Evgrafovich Tatlin who was a Russian painter and architect. The movement was a part of Russian Avant Grade which flourished in Russian between 1890 and 1930. 81 more words

Pop art research

Pop art began in late 1950s in Britain and early 60s in the United States. The first significant Pop art image was made by Richard Hamilton. 104 more words

"On Truth"

Just recently I finished reading Harry G. Frankfurt’s On Truth. A very nice, straightforward, unpretentious discussion of its topic, in a small, slim, almost pocketsized volume (clothback). 1,294 more words

Philosophical Problems Of Living

Laurent Binet's HHhH Is a Thrilling Intertextual Adventure Story

The ugly fact is books are made out of books. The novel depends for its life on the novels that have been written.

–Cormac McCarthy, interview in 

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Conceptualizing Difference

Note: This post is mostly for future reference: something I can point students to if this topic comes up in class (as it sometimes does), although comments are of course welcome. 1,497 more words