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My Summer Camp

It is always nice to be around people who share your interests and passions. You have the opportunity of developing your skills and knowledge and it’s a beneficial experience for all the parties involved. 242 more words


Spring Onion Studio, Showreel

Spring Onion Studio from Belgrade presents their latest showreel.



Inside Pyramid House

 “ Master Class de Render y Postproducción – Pyramid House “ – 12 Horas de Clase Online


Antecedentes históricos de la Visualización Arquitectónica.

El panorama actual. 182 more words


Negotiated Studies 46: Animation Reel

I made this last video for showing the animation I made until now. It shows the playblast of Maya, so it looks just like in the program. 18 more words

Negotiated Studies

Negotiated Studies 45: Rigging Demo Reel

This is the rigging demo reel about three of the different rigs of the characters (a biped, a quadruped and a bird). My intention also was to show how much I worked in this process to make the characters ready for the animation.

Negotiated Studies

Negotiated Studies 44: Character Demo Reel

Finally, I uploaded a video where I introduce the characters in the short film. My intention was to show the modeling and texturing work I made in a cool way. The result is this:

Negotiated Studies

Post-production on the wireless after movie has begun

I have begun to edit the wireless after movie, which is due to be completed by this time next week. I am editing this project on Premiere Pro, due to the fact that I don’t currently have enough storage to convert the footage to a usable format for Avid. 58 more words