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Negotiated Studies 46: Animation Reel

I made this last video for showing the animation I made until now. It shows the playblast of Maya, so it looks just like in the program. 18 more words

Negotiated Studies

Negotiated Studies 45: Rigging Demo Reel

This is the rigging demo reel about three of the different rigs of the characters (a biped, a quadruped and a bird). My intention also was to show how much I worked in this process to make the characters ready for the animation.

Negotiated Studies

Negotiated Studies 44: Character Demo Reel

Finally, I uploaded a video where I introduce the characters in the short film. My intention was to show the modeling and texturing work I made in a cool way. The result is this:

Negotiated Studies

Post-production on the wireless after movie has begun

I have begun to edit the wireless after movie, which is due to be completed by this time next week. I am editing this project on Premiere Pro, due to the fact that I don’t currently have enough storage to convert the footage to a usable format for Avid. 58 more words

Editing the Pixie Lott video about her visit to BOA and the charity she is here to represent

Pixie Lott recently visited BOA to raise awareness of a Charity called Cry. She came into the B2Radio studios and did two interviews, performed in front of BOA students and did a Q&A.

Arthur Cambridge slips away into the night.

Arthur Cambridge, the legendary film grader from Colorfilm and later Atlab, has died.

Arthur was one of the small cadre of Colorfilm staff who had a hand in more feature films in those glory days of the 70s and 80s than anyone else in the industry. 573 more words


Актуально: Режиссер монтажа. Ищу работу!

Больше двух месяцев моему объявлению о поиске работы, и оно всё еще актуально, правда, это не означает, что я сижу без дела.
Состояния поиска – перманентное. 7 more words