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Why Am I The Only One Being Pushed Away?

Hi all I m new here and have been reading posts all night. It is really helping, so thank you. I have a “friend” (because he is too scared/incapable of commitment to label it anything else) who is a combat vet suffering from ptsd. 71 more words

With a Hint of Peppermint

One small fact to know about me is that year round I love peppermint. Really mints of any kind are my go to, so this time of year is extremely wonderful for me. 424 more words

Creative Writing

Story #2: Death's Best Friend

Hey guys!

So this is my second story. Unlike the first story this one has reached Top Five in an international contest, which is a big honor for me, and I’d like to share it to you. 1,044 more words


Come From Club Penguin?

Welcome to the Club Penguin Romans. If you saw one of our recruiters on Club Penguin please sign up below. If you wish to chat with fellow Roman soldiers look below. 37 more words


2014 VPR, Week 13

We have a new #1 this week.  Not because Alabama lost, but because three teams in the old Top Five played cupcakes.  The Tide brought about their own demise by scheduling an FCS cupcake, an unfortunate habit among SEC teams late in the season.   1,007 more words


Bow To The Bad Ass Honey Badger

Bow to the Bad Ass Honey Badger

Like you, I enjoy videos of animals doing adorable things. Unlike you, I insist the animals I watch also be totally bad ass… 1,568 more words