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Spoiled By Steam

Buying a gaming PC at the wrong time.

It’s been nine months since the release of the PS4, I bought mine day one or at least day one for my country (November 30th for Mexico). 1,330 more words


Whole New Ball Game (sort of)

So I’ve decided to give myself some semblance of structure when it comes to writing these posts, since I’ve heard having organization is what real adults do, and I like to pretend to be one as much as possible. 142 more words

Monkey Man Theory

The orthodox view that the common ancestor of Man and ape was ‘ape-like’ was challenged by Osman Hill (1950, 1954, pp. 161-163) who in turn quoted Straus (1949) who maintained the human lineage branched off from a generalized Catarrhine during the Oligocene, independent to the monkeys and apes (see fig. 238 more words


Moinho de Aratu em Salvador

O Grande Moinho Aratu está localizado na baía de Aratu, região metropolitana de Salvador. A implantação do moinho significa um grande avanço para a Bahia no setor industrial, especialmente nas áreas de moagem e de fabricação de massas e biscoitos. 99 more words


Activity vs. inspiration

A quote garnered from the slush of emails I went through mentioned how one might confuse activity with inspired work. Now that I’m writing this, I wish I’d have paid closer attention to the source of the quote. 285 more words


Estação Ferroviária da Calçada

A Estação da Calçada é a principal edificação da Estrada de Ferro Bahia and San Francisco Railway, por estar localizada na Capital, e por ser a mais importante estação de quase todas as ferrovias que viriam a Sr construídas na Bahia. 339 more words