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Haul the Decks

We’re a bit behind in our posts (and we mean that in more ways than one – we’ve been repairing a section of a deck that we had to remove last year to fix a crack in the foundation.)  One thing we’ve learned already is that though we be novices, we’re already doing a better job than whoever build the original structure – that person apparently never heard of concrete footings. 388 more words

Post-modern Life

First Week Home

Taking a bit to get our days and nights sorted but almost there.  I’m still feeling weird about driving on the right hand side of the road, although it feels normal – I still find myself thinking a moment before pulling onto the highway.   361 more words


"I just feel uncomfortable having sex with you" and other things that were said to me this weekend

Let’s set the scene: I’m writing this post while sitting on my back porch and wearing an oversized flannel. Let sun is setting through the golden, Autumn trees, there are wine-bottles-turned-into-vases everywhere, and folk music is playing in the background. 1,530 more words


Con Artists

Infatuation defines every night

it provides the focus to every weekend

the dreams to every sleepless night

the directions to every aimless drive

we all crave that one person that’ll understand where we’ve come from… 67 more words