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Letting Faculty Drive -- Online Learning

The results are in. Inside Higher Ed recently released its third annual survey of college and university faculty members, focusing on perceptions of online learning. It showed that faculty:

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5 Ways Community Colleges Are Fixing Higher Education

There’s no doubt that it’s a tough time for families pondering the value of a college degree.

On the one hand, there’s pitched debate over rising tuition costs and student debt.

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Bill to Renew Higher Education Act: Many Ideas, Little Hope of Passing

With only days remaining until his retirement, the Democratic chairman of the Senate education committee, Tom Harkin of Iowa, formally introduced legislation on Thursday offering his vision for renewing the Higher Education Act.

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How Obama’s Action on Immigration Will Affect Higher Education

President Obama’s decision to extend limited legal status to up to five million of the nation’s 11.4 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally will open the doors to college to more people.

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New Online Library Aims to ‘Equalise’ Science Education

The World Library of Science, launched by UNESCO and two partners on 10 November, will give students and teachers around the world access to the latest science information and the opportunity to create a “global community for science education”, the developers say.

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Major Decisions: Graduates’ Earnings Growth and Debt Repayment

Major Decisions: Graduates’ Earnings Growth and Debt Repayment
Source: Brookings Institution

Student debt is becoming the norm for young adults in America. Aggregate student loan debt has more than tripled over the past decade, as both the number of borrowers and the size of the average balance have increased.

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