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Free College Idea Picks up Momentum

Adele Williams hears from a lot of her friends from high school about their struggles to afford the cost of college.

“I have a best friend who goes to a public university, and she’s in quite a lot of debt,” said Williams.

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State Department Moves to Better Align Academic Exchanges With Policy Goals

This summer 500 Africans are studying business, leadership, and public management on American campuses as part of a new State Department program.

The Obama administration has hailed the effort, which is part of the larger Young African Leaders Initiative, as a fresh take on public diplomacy.

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Job-Training Programs Make Remediation Relevant

A few years ago, Sheila Ortega was scrubbing floors at a local grocery store, a high-school dropout with no clear path out of poverty. Today Ms.

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College, on Your Own

Nichele L. Pollock felt like she was moving through college in slow motion. In seven years, she had gotten about halfway through her bachelor’s degree.

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States Give Slightly More Money to Higher Education, Raising Expectations

A new dynamic is emerging in many statehouses, where policy makers are debating not only how much money to appropriate for higher education but also what colleges should do to get that money.

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Universities Strive to Make Sure Researchers Are Included in Global Efforts

Amie K. Lund’s long-­distance collaboration with a researcher in France was a modest one. They published a paper together, exchanging drafts by email. But Ms. Lund, who studies the effect of air pollution on the heart and brain, wanted to learn an innovative cell-culture technique that her colleague had developed in his lab, and, as she notes with a laugh, “You can’t just email a protocol.”

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July 2014 - Meeting incoming!

Hi again everyone

Our next meeting is in less than two days! How exciting!

The meeting will be held at 31 Gerrard Street, on Ryerson University’s campus, in the Kerr Hall West Building. 51 more words