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The Hottest Seat on Campus

Today’s enrollment officials need a mind for marketing and a nose for numbers. Thick skin helps, too. And they must accept that, at any moment, their heads could roll.

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Are Demographics Destiny? Student Advocates and For-Profit Colleges Disagree

Student and consumer groups, worried that the Education Department is considering softening its proposed “gainful employment” rule, are challenging a study that suggests that demographics drive student outcomes.

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These 5 Two-Year Colleges Offer Salaries to Rival Bachelor's Degrees

Don’t have the time, funds, or inclination to get a four-year degree? Some associate’s degree programs offer high salary potential for less time. Just keep in mind that choice of school matters.

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Top 10 Global Hometowns of America's Foreign Students

Top 10 Global Hometowns of America’s Foreign Students
Source: Brookings Institution

American higher education is a global commodity and has become a major service export. My recently released report on foreign students reveals that fast-growing emerging cities from around the globe are the hometowns of a large majority of foreign students studying in the United States.

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Unemployment among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Remained Below the National Average in 2013

Unemployment among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Remained Below the National Average in 2013
Source: National Science Foundation

In 2013, an estimated 837,900 individuals in the United States held research doctoral degrees in science, engineering, and health (SEH) fields, an increase of 4.0% from 2010.

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Demystifying Community Colleges ...

A colleague in marketing recently asked me to write a blog post on community colleges. She was astounded by the number of people in the state who don’t know what community colleges are, what they do, and whom they serve.

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Apple Watch: Coming to a Classroom Near You?

Wearable technology has entered the mainstream. The Apple Watch, announced on Tuesday, ushers in the possibility that, one day soon, campuses across the country will contend with students who are literally attached to their gadgets.

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