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Is Caribbean Theology Indecent Enough?

An activist, upcoming philosopher, and dear friend of mine, Justin Holder, recently posted the following status update on Facebook:

“Watching Bajan and Caribbean people who are excited to support black rights in the States.

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Aslan on the New Atheists


I think Aslan makes some fair points.

It’s ironic, how Dawkins et al. reveal what is the confessional character of their own outlook, in saying things like religion is “one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus.” This story, about religion as evil, shapes their outlook, trumping other takes on things. 321 more words

Feminism isn't a Credential


I’ll just say this:

Feminism isn’t a credential. As if wearing a t-shirt makes you any less a participant in a system of oppression. As Jesus said, you know a tree by it’s fruits. 121 more words

A comment on Bill Maher

Ben Affleck telling Bill Maher like it is!

The problem with Bill Maher and the New Atheists is that they’re operating with a number of modernist assumptions about religion that need to be deconstructed. 609 more words

Remember them, in prayer and in tears

What Jesus brought was a message of rupture, of dying to the ways of the world (ways that often seem so natural to us). The message of the kingdom is the message of a community set apart from the world, of an egalitarian collective, doing things differently. 445 more words

The dinner party

One night, my partner and I hosted a dinner party, and like all good dinner parties, we ended up talking about death. We more or less agreed with Martin Heidegger’s idea, that with an awareness of our own death we’re able to put things into perspective and live a more authentic life. 474 more words

On Prayer

Mark Taylor once wrote that “religion is about what is always slipping away (1999: 1).” I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer. How does a postmodernist pray? 709 more words