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A comment on Bill Maher

Ben Affleck telling Bill Maher like it is!

The problem with Bill Maher and the New Atheists is that they’re operating with a number of modernist assumptions about religion that need to be deconstructed. 609 more words


The dinner party

One night, my partner and I hosted a dinner party, and like all good dinner parties, we ended up talking about death. We more or less agreed with Martin Heidegger’s idea, that with an awareness of our own death we’re able to put things into perspective and live a more authentic life. 474 more words


On Prayer

Mark Taylor once wrote that “religion is about what is always slipping away (1999: 1).” I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer. How does a postmodernist pray? 709 more words


The God that had to die

Back in 2012 I moved to Finland. I dropped everything to be with the person I love (and it was in love that I came to fall in love, all over again, with Jesus). 1,820 more words


Thinking with Christianity

Christianity was once a big part of my life. Going to church, breaking bread, studying the bible…I did all of that. Hell, I spent three years at a theological seminary trying to figure out how to articulate my faith. 628 more words