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Yoga for Runners - Tree Pose

Strengthens: Feet, ankles, calves. Quadriceps, piriformis, gluteus. Postural muscles. Improves sense of balance.

Stretches: Hip of the lifted leg, groin.

Main Focus: Press the foot of the standing leg into the mat and press the foot of the lifted leg into the standing leg (avoid the knee!). 501 more words

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Lets all be Seated

There is so much discussion about the negatives of sitting for long periods being bad for your health.

The question is whether the “ act of sitting… 304 more words


How Texting Can Hurt Your Child's Growth

by Dr. Gregory Steiner
CA Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic

It seems the entire world is immersed in digital media.  It has become a part of almost everything we do.  554 more words

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Yoga for Runners - Boat Pose

Strengthens: Abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and spine.

Contraindications: Low back or neck injury. Late term pregnancy.

Main Focus: Balance on the “tripod” of the sitting bones and the tailbone, lifting the torso and the legs up. 500 more words

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Yoga for Runners - Standing Forward Fold

Stretches: Mainly hamstrings. Also calves, knee flexors, hips and lower back.

Contraindications: Low back or hamstring injuries. Late term pregnancy. High blood pressure.

Main Focus: 119 more words

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Yoga for Runners - Downward Facing Dog

Stretches: Soles of feet and fascia, Achilles tendons, calves, knee flexors, hamstrings, hips and lower back, elbows, shoulders.

Main Focus: Spinal length. The rest of the lengthening through the back body will come with practice. 526 more words

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Massage has many benefits and few side effects. It is relaxing and makes you feel revitalised.

Below are some of the common problems that are improved by a regular massage: 389 more words