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Kartoffelkuchen vom Blech (Potato Cake baked in a baking sheet)

There are lots of variations on potato cakes floating around, many from Franconia. The reason for their existence as for so many other dishes rich in starch and fat is that they’re cheap and easy to make. 150 more words


Latkes, not Rosti.

In Matt’s last post he suggested that people suggest things for us to write about, and they did. One of the suggestions was a recipe for rosti, which this isn’t, but it’s close. 401 more words

Easy mashed potato cakes

Here’s one final recipe idea to tie in with British Sausage Week, plus a neat way to use up leftover mashed potato.

Ever so quick and easy to make, these potato cakes are a tasty accompaniment to your favourite bangers and are great as part of a traditional Full English cooked breakfast. 249 more words