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I am a food addict

I am a food addict.

I have known this for some time, but fully understanding it has been a challenge for me. It’s not as if I walk through a store and suddenly get the DTs in the Hostess aisle. 258 more words


New Lay's Potato Chip Flavour

I thought these were delicious … until I tasted them for 12 hours after …

In summation¬†… I think these are disgusting …

Sorry Denise Vella from Cambridge!

Toke it easy,



Mini Appetizer Potatoes and the Steps to "Champagne Heaven"

Fizzy Fact: Two excellent references for pairing food with champagne and sparkling wine are:

What to Drink with What you Eat, Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, Bulfinch Press, 2006… 558 more words


This incident of gull vs. tourists took place at Limantour Beach, Pt. Reyes, a few days ago.

Today I was leading a group of birders and we stopped for dinner at an outdoor seafood cafe in Ventura. 106 more words


Thank the Lord for Cape Cod Potato Chips

While the past few days have been packed full with exciting, new and wonderful events, as well as some strong leaps forward in the writing that I am here to do… 481 more words

New England

Started out as chips

Ended up as something unforeseen. That’s okay. Sometimes a doodle becomes a sketch and what was intended, becomes unintended. It’s not artwork and certainly not structured. 19 more words

Sketchbook Skool

Potassium in the Nutrition Label?

Our local cooperative grocery’s slow restocking has forced me to buy an imported potato chip brand (Lay’s). As a habit, I often check nutrition labels to see what I could get from consuming the product at hand. 135 more words