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Love Your Job, Latkes and a Vintage Wagon - Dec. 16, 2014

Daily List: 3 Ways to Love the Job You Don’t Like

You can fall in love again — with your job! It might sound attractive to find another one, but if you can make it work where you are right now, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. 342 more words


Now what to do with all those left overs….Kirby crud

In my family, the day after a major dinner like Thanksgiving, always meant Kirby crud.      What is Kirby crud?  Kirby crud is everything from the night before thrown in the frying pan and fried up to make like a crispy potato pancake.   206 more words

Shrimp Potato Pancake

It’s amazing what can do with powdered mixes that come right off the supermarket shelves. I’ve always been a fan of the potato pancake mix because it makes it so much easier to prepare this favorite dish of mine. 270 more words


Potato Pancakes (Latkes) Low fat and vegan

Good Morning WordPress.  Happy Friday November 21st.  Only one week until Black Friday and the shopping season will officially begin.  YIKES!!! Am I ready for that?   305 more words


Latkes, not Rosti.

In Matt’s last post he suggested that people suggest things for us to write about, and they did. One of the suggestions was a recipe for rosti, which this isn’t, but it’s close. 401 more words

Friday Faves: Czech This Out

Each Friday, I’ll post a favorite from a particular food truck.  This week’s selection: Czech This Out. 284 more words

Food Trucks

A German Breakfast

After a couple of postponements, my two high school friends and I were finally able to meet for lunch yesterday.  I suggested trying Fraser Park Restaurant… 732 more words