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Pumpkin Potstickers

We received a beautiful blue-gray pumpkin from our CSA a couple of weeks ago. It was lovely – short and squatty with a lovely hue. I was told it would be a “dry” squash which made me think it might be a good squash for using in some recipes where extra moisture is not helpful. 615 more words

Dine In or Take Out - Sampan It Is

As I previously mentioned before, we are willing to drive nearly an hour round trip with pick up just to get good Chinese. But this time it was my lucky day. 364 more words


A great night at 小龍飲食, spicy chicken covered in seaweed, small...

A great night at 小龍飲食, spicy chicken covered in seaweed, small plates, braised tofu + other goodness, and the best cabbage dish I’ve tasted so far in Taiwan. 13 more words

Steamed Pork & Ginger Potstickers

Judging from how M was raving about this experiment, we will be returning to this dish very soon. I was quite enamored with the deliciousness, if not the lengthy (ish) creation process and we almost decided to try round 2 for dinner the next night! 353 more words

Tasty Delights

Chinese Dumplings or Potstickers

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a great day and beautiful Fall. Enjoy the days….they go way too fast. Before you know it Winter will be here….uge, snow and cold is on the way. 285 more words

Impossible Chili Potstickers

Potstickers from scratch require manipulation.   For me, intricate food preparation is like running with scissors- it’s stupid, dangerous, and something always goes disfiguringly wrong.   My desire for a chili side dish to enhance our… 336 more words


Street smarts

All the stuff I said in the last post was true. But it’s not the whole picture. The PRC has also got lots of street smarts because they are an old civilization and has figured out how to do certain things really well. 95 more words