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Impossible Chili Potstickers

Potstickers from scratch require manipulation.   For me, intricate food preparation is like running with scissors- it’s stupid, dangerous, and something always goes disfiguringly wrong.   My desire for a chili side dish to enhance our… 336 more words


Street smarts

All the stuff I said in the last post was true. But it’s not the whole picture. The PRC has also got lots of street smarts because they are an old civilization and has figured out how to do certain things really well. 95 more words


Post 90 - What's cooking

In my last post, I declared my intention to following a low FODMAP diet – no onions, garlic, stone fruits, avocados, wheat, lactose… the list goes on. 387 more words

An Adventure to the East: Chinese Dumplings

Lessons from this cooking adventure: One should avoid Whole Foods if at all possible (unrealistically expensive)! Also, shopping lists are essential to savings. I originally wanted to buy a few ingredients for my pizza but came out with a full basket to enough dumplings for a month! 66 more words



Potstickers (鍋貼) are one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New Year and year round in the northern provinces. They look like golden ingots used during the Ming Dynasty for money and the name sounds like the word for the earliest paper money, so serving them is believed to bring prosperity. 247 more words


Potstickers and Spicy Dipping Sauce

Purchase ready-made Gyoza or ‘potstickers’ in the frozen section of your grocery, Asian market or Trader Joe’s.

In large frying pan warm 2 Tbsp. OO&B Olive Oil on med-high (we recommend… 112 more words

Side Dish