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Friday Night and the Beginning of the Christmas Recess

The grizzled teacher slowly woke from his late afternoon December nap, felt the winter chill filling the bedroom and decided to pull on warm clothes, draw the quilts up over his lap and prop in his bed with a pile of books and a fresh pot of coffee at his elbow. 91 more words


Brace yourself for 'Panic Saturday'

Data from payment processing company Worldpay, suggests Britain’s department stores can expect to double their takings this weekend, with outlets in the north of England set to benefit the most from Panic Saturday.  166 more words


Dollar Continues its Accendancy

The pound climbed from the lowest level in more than a year versus the dollar after a report showed U.K. retail sales increased more in November than economists predicted. 211 more words

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When you start the gathering as a Paladin, you must pull everything in the instance and use the area attack that the Paladin uses. Using the seal for healing will help you regain health to stay alive. 311 more words



Social media peeps – ever wonder where your beloved hashtag came from?  As a bonus, you’ll find out why the abbreviation for pounds is “lb”. 51 more words

Today I Learned

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The gathering part is the hard part; therefore you need to learn how to heal. Healing is the key to the gold farming, because you could have hundreds of enemies on you at one time doing thirty or ten damage on you. 206 more words


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Highly concentrated cocoa is found in coco pure. Here we are not involving milk chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate candies or white chocolate. Coco pure tea contains cocoa which is rich in disease fighting anti-oxidants; but these are not found in those junkies. 359 more words