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My Letter to the Democratic Party

So, a few years ago, I was sent a request from the Department of Education to take a survey for the White House about how I felt about education.  758 more words


RIP David Clapson, Another Man 'Helped' To Death By Iain Duncan Smith

When Funghi, the unemployed alcoholic  featured in the recent Benefits Street television series, disclosed that he had been abused as a child, most of those condemning him on twitter did not even blink.  1,044 more words

Welfare Reform

At the table, or on the menu?

I don’t think the average American begrudges wealth, not even great wealth. What we don’t like is when the wealthy get that way by ignoring the rules and playing unfairly. 954 more words


Paul Ryan’s Faux Populism Isn’t Going to End Poverty or Reduce Inequality - by John Nichols on July 24, 2014 - 2:29 PM ET

Congressman Paul Ryan (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Paul Ryan’s fellow Republicans are quick to dismiss Elizabeth Warren as too radical, too progressive, too populist.

But Ryan is trying—a bit clumsily, but trying all the same—to borrow a page from the Massachusetts senator as he seeks to remake himself in anticipation of a potential 2016 run for the Republican presidential nomination. 255 more words


Running out of time: Will the US attack the US again?

Veterans Today
by Dennis Cimino
July 25th, 2014

As the United States collapses financially, and the dollar declines, is another massive FALSE FLAG self-inflicted wound imminent? 2,157 more words