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Does Our Government Subsidize Obesity?

Poverty is a key contributor to the obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, the same legislation that provides food stamps to the nearly 50 million Americans under the poverty line also subsidizes unhealthy foods. 488 more words


Making a Business of Premium Coffee for Premium Social Impact

Making a Business of Premium Coffee for Premium Social Impact.

Premium coffee is perhaps the original example of how positive social impact can drive a successful business. 149 more words


Walter Benjamin - Përvojë dhe varfëri

Në librat tanë të këndimit gjejmë fabulën për atë plakun që duke vdekur, u thotë të bijve se ka fshehur një thesar në vresht. Le të gërmojnë pra, atje. 1,581 more words


Millions Rising Past Poverty

Low income Americans and Europeans may feel there is no progress being made against poverty, but across the rest of the world,

In 2015, we are likely to see another 70 to 100 million people escaping extreme poverty.

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Weighted marathon to raise money for young people living in poverty.

Before I began fundraising for this project I thought it’d be a breeze. However, I’m starting to realise that sometimes people like to see you suffer before they spare change. 89 more words