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Why are Indians not concerned about #inequality?

I came across this graphic today on twitter.

Predictably for Indians, the top concern is religious and ethnic hatred and not inequality. While I understand that communalism, regionalism, casteism and all the other ‘isms’ are media favourites, political favourites and hot topics in drawing room discussions, I find it strange that ‘poorism’ is not of much concern to the Indian people. 161 more words


50 cents was all it took.

50 cents was all it took to make him smile.

Walked into city Target past a homeless man on the sidewalk today. Walked in and did some shopping for a jacket since the weather is going wet, and commuting without a thick coat has been a little inconvenient. 156 more words

Stereotypes, prejudices...

“Featured image is © UNICEF Cambodia/2012/Andy Brown”

This is hard, I try to face my own prejudices before traveling to Cambodia.

I think we all have at least some prejudices of different countries or cultures. 606 more words


United Nations: 'Turn The Water Back On In Detroit'

DETROIT (AP) — United Nations human rights experts described Detroit’s mass water shut-offs as “a man-made perfect storm” Monday and called on city officials to restore water to those unable to pay, including those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. 487 more words

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Homelessness, Housing and Poverty: An All-Candidates Debate

Last Thursday night, with my notebook tucked under my arm and my bike helmet swinging at my side, I waded into the throng of people crammed into the CoolAid Society’s Downtown Activity Centre for an all-candidates debate on homelessness, poverty, and housing. 959 more words


Halfway Done w/ Education Theme

The first few words of this blog will show up on social media. With that in mind, you should read this whole blog! Yes you! On Facebook! 303 more words