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Billionaire threatens charity donations if Pope continues support for the poor - Las Vegas Democrat | Examiner.com

Billionaire Ken Langone, the founder of Home Depot issued a warning to Pope Francis during an interview with CNBC which was published this past Monday. In the interview he said that wealthy people such as himself are feeling ostracized by the Pope’s messages in support of the poor, and might stop giving to… 123 more words


Ebola and the Death of Shakie Kamara

The following is based on real events.

Shakie Kamara had a hard life. He had suffered through much more than a 15-year-old would normally be expected to. 1,238 more words

Short Stories

How has War in South Sudan Impacted the Lives of Women and Children?

The violence and humanitarian crisis may have faded from our television screens…but it continues unabated. This report by AwakeAfrica includes an interview that I gave to one of its reporters, Ann Kaguma: 1,302 more words


A Lesson Learned

So, yesterday I went to South River Walk Park, one of my favorite places, to do some shooting. It was a particularly cloudy which can make for awesome sunsets. 676 more words

Tales From The Darkside

Jersey Jazzman Marks Labor Day in a Sad Time for Our Nation

Jersey Jazzman quotes Frank Sinatra and George Carlin to mark Labor Day. Sinatra made more sense than our Harvard-educated pundits.

Sinatra said:

“All I know is that a nation with our standard of living, with our Social Security system, TVA, farm parity, health plans and unemployment insurance can afford to address itself to the cancers of starvation, substandard housing, educational voids and second-class citizenship that still exist in many backsliding areas of our own country. 300 more words


She Plays for Them

‘Conor’ wrote:

“This is one of the most powerful images I’ve seen, amazing photography.”

Sweet music amidst the chaos of day-to-day life.


Mean Streets: Youth Crime and Homelessness

John Hagan and Bill Carthy wanted to study the correlation between juvenile crime and homelessness. However, they realized that most sociologists were getting their data from schools and put a lot of emphasis on socioeconomic factors. 2,915 more words

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