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Little Man

Yesterday as I was closing the office (like, lights were already off and I had already clocked out), a stocky little boy came in the office wearing shorts and a t-shirt out of breath from running. 900 more words

Feel Good Saturday-11/22/2014

At the end of a long week, I thought it would be nice to add a positive note on things by hijacking a Feel Good Friday post and moving it to Saturday: 305 more words

Christian Writing

SHARE this and you're JAILED!

Ahem Ahem Ahem.

CHILLAX. You’ll be jailed only if you’re Russian. Read this further to know why. :P

So, it’s been a while. Yeah.

I’ve been busy. 261 more words

WE-YOU! (View)

India's future: a child who eats and reads

It is the year 2000. I am 7 years old. The clock strikes 2.15pm. The school bell rings, I run home, and eat the just-prepared food of my choice. 324 more words


'Place' Assignment

Word Count: 502

“This city took my mother, but this city also gave me my child,” said rapper Kanye West in Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new music video for ‘City of Angels,’ which captured sentiments on the USA’s second biggest city by interviewing a variety of celebrities and every-day people. 446 more words

Journalism Research Methods

Foreign Exchange

Photo Credit: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/21f/21f.027/rise_fall_canton_04/gallery_places/pages/cwC_1805_E78680_Flags.htm

Before 1842, Canton (Guangzhou) was the only port in China open to foreigners.

After losing the Opium/Trade War to the British, the Chinese government finally gave in to British demands, conceding the right to trade in five port cities. 656 more words


Providing Free Lawyers Saves Money

We often hear of the glut of lawyers in America, but it doesn’t look that way if you are poor and in need of legal help. 66 more words

Worthy News