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#bcwmh: A two part POV (7/14 to 7/17)

I. The balancing act of love (7/14 to 7/17)

Knowing Maya she would not settle in giving less than 100 % of anything and everything to her family especially when it comes to time and love. 2,472 more words


Is Decoupling Really Worth It?

A lot has been said and written about decoupling in the last year. The trend of removing all or part of the production process from the traditional agency model has garnered a lot of attention as advertisers evaluate whether the practice will work for them. 53 more words


Beautiful transition: Beyond Happy-ever-after (July 2014)

For two years bcwmh had showcased almost if not all good Filipino values, traditions and even superstitions there is (even those unheard of). It highlighted the metamorphosis of each of the main characters. 1,212 more words


Feel bombarded by South Indian films on every Hindi channel ? Let’s find out why

On television, the broadcasters of GECs ( General Entertainment Channels) mostly prefer to show the films that have been a hit or a super-hit on box-office. 477 more words


Cannes 2014 remarked an exclusive initiative in India

This time Indian ads couldn’t clasp the attention at Cannes except one, which was an igniting revolution for rural India by Hindustan Unilever Limited. They initiated a remarkable medium of communication for those who live in poverty and have limited resources and so the team thought to use a powerful medium i.e. 268 more words


Has the 'Fourth Pillar' lost its credibility somewhere?

The freedom of speech being an inherited right of Indian media (Electronic & print) has been challenged since last few months, especially. The power  is being questioned continuously by the politicians and sometimes by the viewers.The basic perception about the corporate houses/owners of media groups has began to wane, whether it’s about supporting a specific political organisation (off-the-record) or it’s about propagating fake opinion polls/ surveys. 168 more words


What is my purpose?

Compared to the other seven billion plus lives in the world my existence seems to be very insignificant. If I was to die, only the people who actually care about me would probably care. 383 more words