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Moving out of the comfort zone 04/7/2014 to 04/08/2014

 First stop:

It’s complicated: NT and TA

Annulment huh? Well it may seem that NT had gone overboard here, making a very hasty if not downright impractical decision, but still I would want to look closer and try to fill-in her shoe to try to understand her a bit. 1,842 more words


Reality bites: When Reality and happy-ever-after collides (March 31 to April 4, 2014)

Frustration, disappointments, dismay and even sadness besets most of our characters this week.  Feelings not so alien to any of us, far more reasons why some of us may have felt sympathy for each and every one of them. 1,384 more words


Kapitbisig: A commendable support system 03/26/2014

A solid and reliable support system, this is what a family needs to have, especially at this age and generation, where danger and temptation is at every turn just waiting to be tripped and happen. 1,101 more words


Journey 3/24/2014

Indeed this is what the couple had embarked. First, alone sailing through life’s storms aiming for a preconceived destination; well at least on Maya’s part…she had set her journey to her dreams. 384 more words


The Rayter's two cents worth 03/17/2014

Balance…this is what Maya brought to the family aside from her happy disposition.

Where Richard is rigid in his rules, Maya introduced flexibility.  She thought Richard to bend a little, adjust a little without abandoning the principle behind his decisions (His dealings with his kids as well as Nicolo and Lance). 551 more words


The gift of Second Chances: When it rains it really pours (02112014)

Blessed are the people who got it all in one big swoop, who got it right and succeeded first time, first try, who found that one great love of a lifetime on their first love. 812 more words


Love beyond Romance (02102014)

Love and romance are most of the time used interchangeably. Many of us confuse one with the other. But if we look closer these are two different things. 700 more words