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Déjà vu: The Realization

Paalala: Ito ay bunga lamang ng malikot na imahinasyon ng Rayter ay hindi ginawa upang i preempt ang ating paboritong show. I was about to rayt a POV…but decided to do a One-shot-ff instead, where I get to express my take on the matter just the same. 4,951 more words


#bcwmh: A two part POV (7/14 to 7/17)

I. The balancing act of love (7/14 to 7/17)

Knowing Maya she would not settle in giving less than 100 % of anything and everything to her family especially when it comes to time and love. 2,472 more words


Is Decoupling Really Worth It?

A lot has been said and written about decoupling in the last year. The trend of removing all or part of the production process from the traditional agency model has garnered a lot of attention as advertisers evaluate whether the practice will work for them. 53 more words


Beautiful transition: Beyond Happy-ever-after (July 2014)

For two years bcwmh had showcased almost if not all good Filipino values, traditions and even superstitions there is (even those unheard of). It highlighted the metamorphosis of each of the main characters. 1,212 more words