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The ethics of identity entrepreneurship

The social identity understanding of influence, and consequently leadership, is a practical one. In fact, in the last 10 years a practical perspective on the social identity approach to leadership has moved to centre stage. 1,029 more words


Who do You Lift onto Your Leadership Shoulders?

Have you seen the  Osborne Family Lights at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios? My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the holiday spectacle and make it an annual tradition. 995 more words


Do We Still Fear God?

Many people know the phrase, “fear the LORD your God,” but do we each have an understanding of what this means? When we say that we fear God, we must first have something to be fearful of. 277 more words


Pick a lane

Despite all their prodigious talents, each one of them became famous for one thing because they knew, or someone told them, to focus.

As Steve Jobs said, “Do not try to do everything. 29 more words



You were
educated at the best places
money could buy
so in the bank
when you aimed point blank
at the tellers
you told them… 59 more words